Sanur’s Balinese Restaurant, Belconnen, Canberra good sharing menu for a group


Shop 1, The Broadwalk

1/114 Emu Bank, Belconnen, 2617
Phone: (02) 6162 1688

Opening Hours

Lunch 12.00 – 14.30 (Tuesday – Saturday)
Dinner 17.30 – 22.00 (Tuesday – Sunday)

Suggested menu for six

Opor Ayam $17.9
Tender chicken tenderloin cooked in spiced coconut curry

Beef Rendang $18.9
Slow cooked beef in rich coconut sauce with Indonesian Traditional herbs and spices

Gado Gado (V) $14.9
Steamed mixed vegetables with peanut sauce, boiled eggs, garlic crackers & fried shallots

Terong Balado (V) $16.9
Lightly fried Japanese eggplant with padangnese chili relish

Three serves rice

25% discount up to $30 for Entertainment Book

Corkage $5 per bottle

(Total cost of food about $78) ( $13 per person) ($ 59 with the discount ($10 per person)


Gado Gado


Beef Rendang


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Discovering Canberra’s World Food Delights with friends – good spots and great menus


20140603-081432-29672298.jpg 20140603-085258-31978387.jpg 20140603-085258-31978749.jpg IMG_3552 IMG_3553

Canberra offers a bounty of great spots to explore the cuisines of the world with friends, and even meet some of the locals introducing the food of their home country to their fellow Canberrans, at the same time.

Vietnam, China, India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Ethiopia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia and Bali as well many more cuisines are well represented in restaurants and street food style eateries around town.

Through some creative ordering and sharing, it’s easy to enjoy a range of dishes, finish dinner still feeling comfortable and keep the cost of the food down to around $20 or less.
And most places offer BYO which also keeps it affordable even if you’re planning a ’round the world’ ticket.

In the next few posts, I’ll help with some places to head and some menu ideas.

So grab some friends, a bottle wine and share some exciting food adventures discovering Canberra’s world cuisines.

Taj Agra Dickson, Canberra – Indian cuisine


Taj Agra Dickson

35 Woolley street Dickson

Ph: 02 62496633

Helpfully open 7 days of dinner Monday to Sunday 5:30pm-10:00pm

Lunch Monday to Friday 12-2pm

Suggested menu for six

3 serves Samosa – Spiced potato and green peas in crispy pastry (order one serve per two people as each serve includes two samosa) $9.90 per serve

Mains (order one serve of each, for six people):

Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) – chicken pieces half cooked in tandoori oven and finished in a creamy tomato sauce $18.50
Beef Madras – South Indian beef curry with coconut milk and fragrant spices $18.50
Handi Gosht-chef’s own selected spices and lamb, simmered in a clay pot to accentuate its full flavour $18.90 and

One serve Raita $4.50

Three serves Saffron Basmati Rice $3 per serve
with 3 Plain Naan – tandoori bread ( 1/2 per person) $3.50 per naan

BYO (Corkage $5 per bottle)

Click to access dickson.pdf

Total cost of food $109.50 ($19 per person)

25 % discount up to $20 for the Canberra Entertainment book ($89.50 ($15 per person)







Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) Saag Chicken Handi Gosht


3 dishes, 3 serves rice, raita and naan




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Thai Chiang Rai Kingston, Canberra -Thai


Thai Chiang Rai Kingston, is an ideal spot for an inexpensive, but interesting and pleasant, group dinner. Noy, the manager, is very helpful in designing a shared menu and his suggestions are terrific.

Helpfully open for dinner every day from 5 pm (and lunch Monday to Friday), it is found at 48 Giles St Kingston.

Phone 02 62326999 for bookings.

Suggested shared menu for six people, and
a good mix of flavours textures and colours;

Order one dish each of four to five of:

FIVE SPICE PRAWN $25.90 Stir-fried Prawns infused with five flavours of spices (this photo 3/4 of a serve size as it’s possible to order 1 1/2 serves, usually around 10 prawns per serve)

ROAST DUCK RED CURRY $22.90 With beans, bamboo shoot, peas, zucchini and lychee

ROAST CHICKEN $22.90 Crispy roast chicken with cucumber, topped with chilli, garlic, coriander and special soy sauce

STIR-FRY DRY CHILLI & CASHEW NUTS with onion and shallot and chicken $19.90

STUFFED EGGPLANT $22.90 (about 8 pieces per serve)

STICKY RICE $4.90/ basket(one basket per four people) (this especially good with the red duck curry)

and 2 serves of COCONUT RICE ( $3.90/ person)

Corkage $5.90 per bottle (or $3.90 per person)

25% discount up to $30 for the Canberra Entertainment book

Up to around $21 per person (for the five dishes and rice) (or $16 per person with the discount)


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More Canberra World Food Delights with Friends – Pho Quoc, Dickson, Canberra – Vietnamese Cuisine


4/6 Cape Street, Dickson, ACT

Ph: 02 62496662/02 62496476

Open Monday to Friday 11-3pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am- 10pm

This Vietnamese eatery in Dickson is often busy with Vietnamese families enjoying meals together and service is great.

Suggested menu for six


The Pho with rare beef is delicious, made with tender beef and a very rich and yummy stock $12. One serve could be shared as a starter, but ladling it out into small bowls could get messy.

Two serves Vietnamese pancake $16 (fantastic, crisp, buttery and filled with pork and vegetable in a great sauce. The dipping sauce for the pancake is wonderful too. The pancake is usually only available at lunchtime, unless pre-ordered, as it occupies the wok, and takes the chef a while to cook. However, it may still only be available weekdays and before 6pm.)

Mains (order 3-4):

Pepper fish in claypot $22

Boneless chicken with cucumber and soy and peanuts$17

Caramelised pork $17

Beef/chicken/lamb with lemongrass and chilli $15

Three serves plain rice $3 per serve

BYO corkage is a mere $1.10 per person

Total cost for food and wine corkage up to $19.80 per person (or $89 with the discount ($14.80 per person)

25% discount up to $30 offered for the Canberra Entertainment book.


Delicious Vietnamese pancake

20140603-075033-28233386.jpg 20140603-075033-28233091.jpg 20140603-075034-28234667.jpg


Rare beef Pho is fantastic, and could be an alternative starter to the pancake (share 2 serves between six in smaller bowls)

20140603-075034-28234118.jpg 20140603-075033-28233905.jpg 20140603-075034-28234327.jpg 20140603-075033-28233662.jpg 20140603-075032-28232893.jpg 20140720-221807-80287952.jpgPepper fish in claypot $2220140720-221807-80287319.jpg Roast duck 20140720-221807-80287745.jpgBoneless chicken with cucumber and soy and peanuts$17 20140720-221807-80287546.jpg

Caramelised Pork $17


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Dickson dumpling house, Dickson, Canberra – Chinese – A Canberra World Food Delight


Dickson Dumpling House, Dickson, Canberra – Chinese – A Canberra World Food Delight

I love this place. It’s busy, full of people enjoying the food and each other’s company with staff buzzing around delivering large plates of hot tasty looking food. It has attitude, confidence and knows that it does a great job at delivering consistently popular food.

It can be noisy, so it’s good to try to get a table next to a wall and to consider going during the week when it’s quieter.

2 Cape Street Dickson, ACT 2602

Phone: 0-2 62488350 or 02 62488930

Open 7 days for lunch 11:30am-3:00pm and dinner 5:00pm – 10:00 pm

Suggested Menu for six:

Two serves fried prawn and pumpkin dumplings $12 (I love these) One serve combination dumplings (chicken and veg and pork individually) about $12

Two serves Chicken San Choy Bow (4 per serve) about $16

One serve Shredded Dry Chilli Beef $15 (fantastic)

One serve Salt and pepper squid $15 (excellent)

Three serves rice $3 per serve Corkage $3 per bottle

Total cost of food $91 ($15 each)


Combination dumplings


Prawn and pumpkin dumplings fried


Dry shredded chilli beef



Chicken san choy bow (1 of 4)


Salt and pepper squid



For just two people, one dish can be enough. This Chicken Chow Mein (while perhaps not the most interesting choice) is a real bargain at $13.80 and large enough for two. A good choice for kids as flavours are mild and noodles familiar.


Dickson Dumpling House on Urbanspoon

Red Chilli Sichuan – Alinga street, City – Chinese (Sichuan), a Canberra World Food Delight


Red Chilli Sichuan – Alinga street, City – Chinese (Sichuan), a Canberra World Food Delight

Red Chilli Sichuan, really is…very hot and spicy!

Order carefully (one chilli rated dishes only) and everyone will still enjoy a variety of flavours and textures.

Suggested menu for six


Stir fried shredded duck in peking sauces that comes with 8 oddly shaped pancakes $26.50, makes a great starter for up to eight people per serve.

Main Course (one serve can give up six a taste):

Salt and pepper calamari rolls $20 are also great and just a little spicy

Kung pao chicken $16.50 quiet spicy, and good value

Stirfried green beans with pork mince (also good value at $14.50 but quite spicy and fairly  oily)

Stirfried scallops with mixed vegetables ($24, this is quite a mild dish, with a nice sauce, but what looks like lots of scallops in the photo are lots of water chestnuts too)

Corkage is expensive at $10 per bottle, but this is balanced by very generous serves of rice and lots of good value dishes that are well sized.

(I’ve also been told that wine by the glass serves are very generous here.)

Still on my wish list to try is the Braised chicken with chilli and black bean sauce $19.80 and the Braised pork with soy sauce $22.5o.

Five dishes is a good amount for six and with three rice serves.


Salt and Pepper Calamari



Green Beans with Pork Mince



Kung Pao Chicken

IMG_3937 copy

Stir fried Scallops with Vegetables





Shredded Duck in Peking Sauce with Pancakes

25% discount offered with the Canberra Entertainment Book up to $30.

Total cost for food $110 ($18.50) ($83 with the discount ($14 per person)

Open 7 Days


11:30 am to 2:30 pm


5:00 to 10:00 pm
Novotel Building Shop G1,

75-89 Alinga St , Canberra Australia 2601

P: (02) 6248 6288

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Monday to Friday Diet by Suzie Burrell


Suzie is a dietitian who shares many of fineeating’s thoughts on eating well, while staying lean.
Her book has lots of interesting, but light ideas for what to eat on lean days (which she calls ‘Mondays to Fridays’) and strategies to manage but still enjoy social eating (which Suzie calls ‘weekends’).
My favourite idea of Suzie’s is her ‘Healthy Benedict’ using a light hollandaise sauce made from 2 Tbsp light sour cream (although I use natural low fat yogurt) and 1 tsp Dijon mustard.


She also has a nice recipe for Corn Fritters with Smoked Salmon.


Order dressing and sauces on the side – for flexible flavour and kilojoules



Salads ordered out as well as some meats/fish/chicken often come with dressings or sauces.
Sometimes these are delicious, sometimes a little goes a long way.
However, dressings and sauces almost always offer plenty of kilojoules (calories) in a small amount.
Restaurants are usually more than happy to serve dishes with dressings and sauces on the side.
That gives diners total control over taste and added kilojoules, and the chance to decide whether the add on is ‘calorieworthy’.
It’s just a matter of remembering to ask as you order your meal.

Salad on the side – the answer to Australia’s weight problem?



Yesterday the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the much awaited, early nutrition information from the big Australian Health Survey.

One of the most interesting things it told us, was that, in Australia, we are getting more of our kilojoules from things like pasta, noodle and rice dishes than any other type of food.


Part of it is because, they’re so popular now, but we also eat large amounts and often don’t have many veggies or any salad with them.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest about 1-2 serves of pasta at a meal, to keep a healthy weight. A serve is 1/2 cup of cooked pasta.


This serve of Spaghetti Bolognese above has about 4-6 serves.

But if we serve ourselves less pasta with our meals won’t we be hungry?

The secret is to always try to make meals half coloured veggies or salad.


Not only does this cut the kilojoules of the meal in half while still giving plenty to enjoy, but it helps us get our five serves of veggies that we need each day.


At home, it works well to serve half a plate of salad or vegetables first, then think about how much pasta and sauce you’d still enjoy, while staying comfortable.

A mixed pasta dish might look more like this.


It doesn’t really work to try to only add extra vegetables to the sauce, because the same amount of veggies, just won’t fit.

If you’re in a rush, have run out of fresh veg, or feeling like an easy meal, frozen vegetables are a great option. It’s good to always keep some on hand.


Take-away pasta or noodles, can work the same way.


Serve half as much with some vegetables or salad on the side.

If you’re eating out, it works well to order an entree sized dish and a side salad.

Or share a pasta or rice dish and a leafy salad with others.

Or even both!