Can you have your cake and eat it too? – or where do the extras fit in a healthy diet?


Foods like cake that are low on the essentials we need in food to stay healthy, are called ‘discretionary foods’ in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

This is because some of us (not many!), who aren’t overweight and a bit taller or more active actually have a few spare kilojoules in their day over and above what they need for just the core foods. Ideally one would spend the extra kilojoules on more core foods full of goodies like fibre and antioxidants, but there’s no problem in spending at least some of them on extra ‘empty’ kilojoules, as long as you pay attention to serve sizes.

When the ADTHE is thinking about ‘discretionary foods’ it’s thinking 1 or 2 ‘small’ serves…surprisingly small serves.

image image image

One ‘discretionary’ serve only has about 600 kilojoules so that’s

….. ¼ of a caramel slice from the bakery……

image image

….2 large squares of chocolate…

image image image image

… 1 mini-muffin……

imageimage image image image

…or two medium apples….


…so yes, some people can have their cake and eat it too….but only a small slice.


Useful eating plans for a healthy weight


There are plenty of useful, well balanced eating plans around to help plan meals and snacks for a healthy weight, but a few free and easy to use plans from Meat and Livestock Australia are the Look Good, Feel Good plan for young woman, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and the Live Well Plan for adults up to 50.

Great Ideas in Nutrition – useful Christmas secrets


Great Ideas in Nutrition has some great resources for enjoying food but staying light. Here’s some of their Christmas wisdom.

One day of overeating does not a disaster make, but it may equate to indigestion and a lot of lying on the couch.  Put your Portion Perfection knowledge to good use so you feel better at the end of the day.  Useful secrets below…..


SECRET 1 – 1/4 plate of turkey or ham + 1/4 plate of baked potatoes + 1/2 plate of salads or steamed greens + a swish of gravy makes a perfect Christmas meal.


SECRET 2 – The smaller the bowl of nibblies you put out the smaller the handful you will take.


SECRET 3 – Plan not to have too many leftovers.


SECRET 4 – Cherries make a great gift when dropping in on friends.

SECRET 5 – Take time out to relax and restore.

SECRET 6 – Whatever happened it isn’t a disaster. Enjoy your day and then get back on track.


Merry Christmas!

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A great free audio from George Blair West available until tomorrow from Portion Perfection


A great free audio from George Blair West available until tomorrow from Portion Perfection

Portion Perfection has made some free content available through their Facebook page.

Available to download for free until tomorrow.

The fourth piece of this free content from Dr George Blair West is really fantastic:

Eating Mindfully – Tasting More to Eat Less.

It explains the 5 Steps – to be expert at mindful eating:

Tune out distractions – TV, screens, driving, etc;

Tune in to how hungry you feel;

Taste the food not using your taste buds;

Taste using your taste buds – remembering there are none in your stomach!

Tune into how hungry (not how full) you feel – To eat mindfully engage as many of your senses as possible – don’t talk, unless it’s about the food;