A great free audio from George Blair West available until tomorrow from Portion Perfection


A great free audio from George Blair West available until tomorrow from Portion Perfection

Portion Perfection has made some free content available through their Facebook page.

Available to download for free until tomorrow.

The fourth piece of this free content from Dr George Blair West is really fantastic:

Eating Mindfully – Tasting More to Eat Less.

It explains the 5 Steps – to be expert at mindful eating:

Tune out distractions – TV, screens, driving, etc;

Tune in to how hungry you feel;

Taste the food not using your taste buds;

Taste using your taste buds – remembering there are none in your stomach!

Tune into how hungry (not how full) you feel – To eat mindfully engage as many of your senses as possible – don’t talk, unless it’s about the food;


Dickson dumpling house, Dickson, Canberra – Chinese – A Canberra World Food Delight


Dickson Dumpling House, Dickson, Canberra – Chinese – A Canberra World Food Delight

I love this place. It’s busy, full of people enjoying the food and each other’s company with staff buzzing around delivering large plates of hot tasty looking food. It has attitude, confidence and knows that it does a great job at delivering consistently popular food.

It can be noisy, so it’s good to try to get a table next to a wall and to consider going during the week when it’s quieter.

2 Cape Street Dickson, ACT 2602

Phone: 0-2 62488350 or 02 62488930

Open 7 days for lunch 11:30am-3:00pm and dinner 5:00pm – 10:00 pm

Suggested Menu for six:

Two serves fried prawn and pumpkin dumplings $12 (I love these) One serve combination dumplings (chicken and veg and pork individually) about $12

Two serves Chicken San Choy Bow (4 per serve) about $16

One serve Shredded Dry Chilli Beef $15 (fantastic)

One serve Salt and pepper squid $15 (excellent)

Three serves rice $3 per serve Corkage $3 per bottle

Total cost of food $91 ($15 each)


Combination dumplings


Prawn and pumpkin dumplings fried


Dry shredded chilli beef



Chicken san choy bow (1 of 4)


Salt and pepper squid



For just two people, one dish can be enough. This Chicken Chow Mein (while perhaps not the most interesting choice) is a real bargain at $13.80 and large enough for two. A good choice for kids as flavours are mild and noodles familiar.


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Red Chilli Sichuan – Alinga street, City – Chinese (Sichuan), a Canberra World Food Delight


Red Chilli Sichuan – Alinga street, City – Chinese (Sichuan), a Canberra World Food Delight

Red Chilli Sichuan, really is…very hot and spicy!

Order carefully (one chilli rated dishes only) and everyone will still enjoy a variety of flavours and textures.

Suggested menu for six


Stir fried shredded duck in peking sauces that comes with 8 oddly shaped pancakes $26.50, makes a great starter for up to eight people per serve.

Main Course (one serve can give up six a taste):

Salt and pepper calamari rolls $20 are also great and just a little spicy

Kung pao chicken $16.50 quiet spicy, and good value

Stirfried green beans with pork mince (also good value at $14.50 but quite spicy and fairly  oily)

Stirfried scallops with mixed vegetables ($24, this is quite a mild dish, with a nice sauce, but what looks like lots of scallops in the photo are lots of water chestnuts too)

Corkage is expensive at $10 per bottle, but this is balanced by very generous serves of rice and lots of good value dishes that are well sized.

(I’ve also been told that wine by the glass serves are very generous here.)

Still on my wish list to try is the Braised chicken with chilli and black bean sauce $19.80 and the Braised pork with soy sauce $22.5o.

Five dishes is a good amount for six and with three rice serves.


Salt and Pepper Calamari



Green Beans with Pork Mince



Kung Pao Chicken

IMG_3937 copy

Stir fried Scallops with Vegetables





Shredded Duck in Peking Sauce with Pancakes

25% discount offered with the Canberra Entertainment Book up to $30.

Total cost for food $110 ($18.50) ($83 with the discount ($14 per person)

Open 7 Days


11:30 am to 2:30 pm


5:00 to 10:00 pm
Novotel Building Shop G1,

75-89 Alinga St , Canberra Australia 2601

P: (02) 6248 6288

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Monday to Friday Diet by Suzie Burrell


Suzie is a dietitian who shares many of fineeating’s thoughts on eating well, while staying lean.
Her book has lots of interesting, but light ideas for what to eat on lean days (which she calls ‘Mondays to Fridays’) and strategies to manage but still enjoy social eating (which Suzie calls ‘weekends’).
My favourite idea of Suzie’s is her ‘Healthy Benedict’ using a light hollandaise sauce made from 2 Tbsp light sour cream (although I use natural low fat yogurt) and 1 tsp Dijon mustard.


She also has a nice recipe for Corn Fritters with Smoked Salmon.