Exploring South Indian dining in Canberra – First stop Binny’s Kathitto


Hankering for some much missed Kerala cuisine, I was delighted when Elissa from Five Beans Food suggested Binny’s Kathitto for dinner where Majeesh from Kottayam is cooking appams, puttu, idyappam, Kerala parotta, moilee, aviyal, pollichathu and so much more!

It’s been lovely watching Binny take his specialty Indian street food from the Hamlet pop-up to his bricks and mortar home on Lonsdale Street.

The decor echoes Binny’s warm welcome backed up by the rest of the team, Rose and Khush.

Elissa’s been experimenting with Marsala Dosa…

…so we needed to try that for entree..

Masala Dosa $16 – a crepe wrapped around a savory filling of mashed potatoes, onions, crackled mustard seeds, and tempered spices with sambar and coconut and tomato chutneys.

As there were four of us we shared another three dishes with breads, all of which were very delicious!

Erachi Puttu with Chicken Curry $19 – a steamed rice cake layered with meat masala, along with pappadum and served with a gravy (perhaps my favourite as I loved the puttu)

Kanava Roast $23 – squid cooked in traditional Kerala spice with ginger, fried chilles, onions, tomato and squeeze of lemon with a Kerala Parotta – puffed softbread made from flour $4. Loved the tender squid and it went well with the parotta (thanks for the tip Khush).

Tharavu Curry $23 – duck cooked in coconut milk, green chilli, ginger and spices flavoured with curry leaves with an appam – a Kerala style hopper pancake made of fine ground raw rice and grated coconut $3. This was a very generous serve of, fall off the bone, well flavoured duck meat.

Good news for Canberra Entertainment Book holders, Binny’s now offers a 25% discount up to $30.

Binny’s is licensed and also offers BYO wine at $10 corkage a bottle.

This wasn’t my first visit to Binny’s Kathitto but this time I had a much greater appreciation and understanding of what I’d ordered.

So looking forward to trying some more dishes!

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Darbar, Braddon – My new top pick for Indian food in Canberra!


When owner Vinay invited me to come and road test Darbar’s food I was skeptical.

So I asked Vinay to tell me – what makes Darbar different and why would people choose Darbar ahead of the many other Indian restaurants in Canberra?

But, Vinay kept telling me to let the food speak for itself. And he also mentioned that I might want to call in some friends as he wanted me to taste a whole feast of Darbar’s dishes.

I’m so glad I did (and so were my lucky friends) as we were quickly transported from this unassuming Lonsdale Street eatery to a bliss of sophisticated, complex flavours wrapped around, stuffed and infused through tender, succulent meats and carried by creamy, rich and full flavoured sauces. As Glenn, a local Braddonite told me, he dines at Darbar several times a week and could happily just enjoy the sauces and breads they are so wonderful.

It’s actually very hard to pick favourites from our feast. For the first time ever, I can say, every dish is a true winner. And very happily, the menu is extensive, so trying something different each visit is definitely the way to go.

Darbar’s specialty is modern Indian fusion style so the menu features some very special unique dishes like Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, a spice marinated Tasmanian salmon fillet, Bamboo charcoal Tuna Fish , Beetroot Bonda, Prawn Vepadu and slow cooked,spiced Desi Lamb Shanks.

But Vinay also wants to do the favourites like Butter Chicken, Chicken 65 and Marsala Dosa better than anyone else – and he does!!

Then there are also the famous regional dishes that reflect Vinay’s heritage like the Gutti Vankai -baby stuffed eggplants in a dreamy cashew nut sauce and the Bezawada Railway Goat Curry (more about that later).

But let me share our amazingly delicious journey with you.

We started with the Spicy Potato Salad served complimentary to diners along with mint sauce and pappadoms.

This was my first inkling that this was no ordinary Indian restaurant. The mint sauce was thick and rich like none before and the garam marsala spicing of the potato salad had a depth and complexity that I just wasn’t expecting from this simple first course.

Then came the vegetarian entrees, first the Indo-Italian fusion Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, filled with spiced vegetables and a touch of cheese – I really did enjoy these – $13 for a serve of 4.

Followed by Darbar’s signature entree dish – Darbar Chaat, crispy spinach pakora on rice with sweet yogurt, which was the best version of Palak Papdi Chaat I’ve enjoyed and beautifully decorated with with tamarind, mint and tomato sauces – $12

Next came the Masala Dosai – a thin crisp, golden brown rice pancake rolled with spiced potato masala & served with coconut and tomato chutneys  and sambar.

Now I’ve eaten many Marsala Dosas, both in Australia and India, but I can’t remember one better than this! The spicing again was careful and wonderful! I loved this too especially the fresh curry leaves $16.

Then came the non-vegetarian entrees – my favourite (and most of our table’s) was the Bamboo charcoal Tuna Fish – fresh tuna, simmered with mustard seed, pepper, garam masala, mint leaf and methi and fried with bamboo charcoal infused corn starch – just so delicious $15

Another fusion (Indo-Australian) dish followed – Jal Pari Hariyali ( a Chefs Speciality)
Marinated Tasmanian salmon fillets with turmeric, cashew paste, cumin, coriander powder and lemon juice, pan fried and served with crisped sweet potato and mint sauce on a bed of spices potatoes $17

Then Prawn Vepudu – King Sized prawns pan fried in spicy lentil powder, curry leaves, garam masala, cracked pepper, onions and fresh coriander – yummy – three pieces for $17

And Darbar’s Chicken 65  – (traditionally a 65 day old chicken) marinated in exotic spices, lemon juice and deep fried, tossed with curry leaf, fenugreek powder and coriander served with lemon and Spanish onion. Just as Viany promised this was the most tender, succulent and full spiced version of this dish I’ve had  – $14

I loved darbar’s version of Butter Chicken – Tandoori Grilled chicken simmered in spiced butter fenugreek and kasoori methi leaves masala gravy with honey and pepper. Again this was tender, beautifully and deeply spiced and just the best!  $19

The Bezawada Railway Goat Curry is named after Vinay’s home town near Hyderabad, a large railway junction and one of the many famous for serving Goat Curry. The diced goat is slowly cooked in an unusual but smooth and medium spiced garam masala flavoured with onion, cumin, fenugreek seeds and fresh curry leaves  – very excellent! $21

We were wowed by the Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani  –  basmati rice cooked dum style with chicken, herbs and spices in a poppy seed gravy and covered in the traditional way with pastry to seal the natural flavours along with coconut milk, mint, saffron and rose water $21

The Lamb Chops were also truly beautifully tender lamb cutlets marinated in Kashmiri spices, roasted in Tandoor Oven $22 for a serve of 5.

Also very delicious was the secret recipe Desi Lamb Shanks – 8 hours slow cooked lamb shanks with whole spices, shallots, carrot, garlic cloves and tomatoes, served on a bed of potato mash $22

Another favourite of our table and a traditional regional dish was the Gutti Vankai – stuffed whole baby eggplant (Brinjal) in a ground paste of cashew, peanut, sesame and coconut cooked in the Hyderabadi style $18

I loved the Laccha Paratha bread – soft and flakey $4.50..

…but the Cheese Naan $5 was excellent too.

Vinay has done his research well, wanting to offer competitive prices that are great value for generous serve sizes (great for sharing) and even a better deal with the 15-20% discounts offered on the website.

BYO wine corkage is $3.50 per person but there’s also an extensive wine list with wine by the glass thoughtfully starting at $7

So there’s everything here from a ‘Just Feed Me’ gourmet banquet like we had, to a budget friendly under $20 dinner for two (share an entree, main, bread and rice, BYO your wine and use the discount), to a group menu for twelve under $20 a person including corkage….

3 x Stuffed Zucchini  Flowers (12 pieces)

3 x Gutti Vankai

3 x Desi Lamb Shanks

3 x Butter Chicken

6 x Saffron Basmati rice

6 x Laccha Paratha

Do check out the amazing catering packages on the website that are excellent value, starting at $15 per person for three courses with sides.

And the Banquet menu looks good too…

And also consider the Tuesday to Friday lunch specials, equally great value.

The team are a warm and friendly bunch who have come together from various parts of the world with great pride and quiet dedication to serving Canberra these consistently gorgeous dishes.

Vinay from Bezawada, also owns the well regarded Darbar Restaurant in Glebe and more casual Swagath in Wentworthville. His favourites are the Bezawada Goat Curry, Chicken 65, Chicken Biriyani, Lamb Chops and Garlic Naan.

Hari is from Hyderabad so he loves the Chicken Biriyani, but also the Chicken 65, Goat Curry and Peshwari (fruit and nut stuffed) Naan.

Suraj from Nepal is head chef and his favourites are the Jal Pari Hariyali and Chicken Chat Pat.

Raja from Sri Lanka likes the Bamboo Charcoal Tuna Fish best.

Nina has joined the team from Germany and Vamsi (who missed the photo) is also from Bezawada enjoys the Gutti Vanaki – stuffed eggplant, best.

And Glenn’s favourite dish is the Prawn & Scallop Lababdar – King size prawns and scallops cooked to perfection in a delicate sauce based on fresh tomatoes, ginger and shallots, flavoured with coriander and fenugreek $21 (Glenn just gets all prawns, but you can also just have all scallops).

Everything Vinay told me was true!  He has every reason to claim Darbar as the best Indian food in Canberra!

I arrived as a skeptic, but left a true believer!

Parking is easy after 6pm either in the lane behind the restaurant (also great for picking up takeway) or underneath.


(near Debacle – look for the yellow sign – opposite Grease Monkey – in the M3 building)

139/24 Lonsdale Street
Braddon, ACT 2612


Open 7 Days:

Dinner: 5:30PM to 10:00PM
Tuesday to Sunday
Lunch: 12:00PM to 2:30PM
Dinner: 5:30PM to 10:00PM

Friday & Saturday
Dinner served up to 11:00PM

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Red Chilli Sichuan – still one of Canberra’s greats


Red Chilli Sichuan – Alinga street, City does Chinese (Sichuan) cuisine very well!

The popularity of Red Chilli Sichuan, with diners who would know, still testifies to it’s authenticity.

And the reputation is totally justified!

Suggested menu for six


91. Stir fried shredded duck in peking sauces that comes with 8 oddly shaped pancakes $26.50, makes a great starter for up to eight people per serve.


71. Stirfried pork in Peking Sauce and Shallots $22.50 (served with 5 pancakes, so you might need an extra)


Main Course (one serve can give up six a taste):

86. Kung pao chicken $19.50 one of my favourites and good value


48. Stir-fried eggplant and prawns in casserole $22


96. Stirfried green beans with pork mince $18 (good but fairly  oily) but I think next time I’d get the popular 80. Chef special lamb slices with spicy cumin $25


Steamed rice is generous and only $2.50 per serve.

Corkage is expensive at $10 per bottle, but this is balanced by very generous serves of rice and lots of good value dishes that are well sized.

(I’ve also been told that wine by the glass serves are very generous here.)

Five dishes is a good amount for six mixed appetities and with four rice serves.

25% discount offered with the Canberra Entertainment Book up to $30.

Total cost for food $118.50  ($20) ($88.50 with the discount ($15 per person)

(Discount also applies to corkage.)

Open 7 Days


11:30 am to 2:30 pm


5:00 to 10:00 pm
Novotel Building Shop G1,

75-89 Alinga St , Canberra Australia 2601

P: (02) 6248 6288


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Claypot Chef – in my top 10 for Canberra!


The Claypot Chef has been on my wishlist ever since Karen Really Likes Food did that magnificent piece on Chef Udaya.

Now that the warm weather is here, it was a perfect time to head to the Farrer Shops to sit out front with a lovely no corkage BYO wine and a bunch of friends to share some of the best Sri Lankan food I’ve ever had.


When we arrived Udaya was busy in the kitchen preparing that Sri Lankan signature dish Kothu Roti. The sound of chopping on the hot plate brought back many fond travel memories.


However, Udaya is the consummate host and he quickly arrived at our table with wine and water glasses and complimentary pappadoms. In fact he keep the water filled all night and returned with more pappadoms.


Based on our past enjoyment and Karen’s recommendations – we chose for our group of six, one dish each of the Green Bean Curry $11 with spices and coconut milk…


…Sri Lankan Black Pork Curry $17…..


…Devilled Chicken $15….


…one large rice $3…..


…one roti each $2 each…


And we doubled up on then Lamprias, that classic Dutch Burger Sri Lankan lunch box in a banana leaf oven-baked with a pork/chicken, a fish ball, deep fried egg, potato, eggplant, seeni sambol and spiced rice – delicious!

img_9561 img_9564

The real stand out stars were the Pork and Green Bean curries, roti and Lamprias. Udaya also arrived with some complimentary Coconut Sambol (usually $5) which was a perfect condiment – I will get that every time!


Nothing was too much trouble for Udaiya and to complete our meal he brought us some complimentary traditional Portuguese settler inspired Love Cakes – delicious!


We had food left (may have only needed one Lamprais) all for less than $16 per person.


Claypot Chef has won a firm spot on my top favourites in Canberra.

Do drop by over Summer and try it for yourself.

Closed Mondays and Christmas to 11 January for a break – Claypot Chef is usually open Tues to Thurs for dinner 4-8pm and Fri-Sun 10-8pm for lunch and dinner.

Take-away is also hugely popular.

Phone: 62868081 or 0404074440

img_9540 img_9541

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Trying Daana’s Thali


Daana is well setttled and busy in their new Curtin home.

There’s plenty of room and a warm welcome for larger groups.

An easy way to order and enjoy a range of tastes is the Thali.


It’s also a good way to cater for different appetites. Refills are plentiful and the food is unlimited, in the style of true South Indian hospitality.

On the evening we visited the Thali included:

Gobi Kempu Bezule (Cauliflower), Koshambir Salad, Vegetable Saagu, Chicken Korma, Potato Khana Curry, Tomato Rasam, Sambar, Poori, Rice, Papad


It also finisihed with a lovely dessert of Phirmi ( a dish from Kashmir).


The Thali dinner costs $25 per person for just vegetarian curries and $30 if you’d like to include non-vegetarian curries.

Another way to order for a group is to design your own shared menu.

My $25 per person suggestions for a group would include:


1 Dal Vada ($12 for 4) per 4 people ($3pp)

1 Paneer Kathi Roll per 4 people (cut into 4 pieces –they are large) $12 ($3pp)

1 serve idil ($12 for 4) per 4 people ($3pp)



Choose three of the Vegetarian/Chicken/Lamb/Seafood curries per 4 people (they come with rice or bread so just get a mix of both (I think 1/2 Paratha and ½ steamed rice would be lovely) – around $16 per person.

Daana also offers BYO at $6 per bottle.

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The Hungry Buddha – a first look at the new Belconnen restaurant @HungryBuddhaCBR


The Hungry Buddha is taking their excellent Nepalese food to North Canberra and they’ve chosen the perfect spot for group summer dining.

Up on the first floor above Taj Agra, the large windows create a light and open space.
Lachhu and the team have given the previous Phnom Penh Cambodian Restaurant a face lift with thoughtful decoration and light.
It’s a relaxed but stylish atmosphere and the service is professional yet warm and welcoming.
Even though the floor is wood, the sound absorption is good for groups as there’s plenty of space between tables.
And then there are those iconic Nepalese dishes that the Hungry Buddha is famous for in it’s original Curtin location – like the momos and goat curry! Hungry Buddha fans will find the much loved menu in the new location too.

img_7005 img_7003
I always enjoy the goat curry $20 but the corn kernels $8.50 sauteed in nepalese syle with onion, ginger, garlic, herbs and spices have been on my wishlist. And I was not disappointed. They are a perfect side to the goat curry with rice and naan.

The nepalese kheer rice pudding $6.50 is not a dish I would normally choose, but it was fabulous. The almonds and cardamom are delicious with the creamy sweet texture.


With great chai it was the perfect finish to the meal.

BYO wine is $6 corkage per bottle and wine by the glass starts at $7.50.
Budget for around $25-30 per person.
My thanks to Lachhu and the team for hosting my first visit to the new restaurant.

Ethiopia Down Under,  Pearce – lovely and family run


Ethiopia Down Under is another gorgeous family run suburban restaurant – welcoming, casual and committed to bringing this lesser known cuisine to Canberrans.


There’s a variety of combination meals available or put together your own meal that may include:
Samosas (2 for $6.90)
ETHIOPIAN BEEF SAMOSAS – spicy beef samosas

ETHIOPIAN CHEESE SAMOSAS – fetta cheese samosas

ALIT’CHA DORO $19.90 ( my favourite dish)

Strips of chicken breast pieces cooked with carrot, green chilli & onion



Nile Perch fish fillet pan-fried fresh with burbere spices, capsicum, onion & tomato


Chef’s special beef and coconut cream in mild Ethiopian spices

DUBOU WAT $15.90

Spiced pumpkin cooked in a berbere sauce

RICE/INJERA – served with mains


HOMEMADE ICE CREAMS, GELATO & SORBETS ( thanks to an Italian colonial heritage)

$8.90 No mixed servings available

Ginger, Toasted Coconut & Chocolate Shards

( my favourite although, I do generally like my icecream sweeter and creamier)

Turkish Delight

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee & Roasted Hazelnut


It’s also great value as there’s a 25% discount for Canberra Entertainment Book holders and….

Free corkage!
Open for dinner every night except Mondays, you’ll find Ethiopia Down Under at the Pearce Shops.

It is in good company with Rama’s and the Pearce Vietnamese nearby, all facing into a courtyard that’s lovely on summer and evenings and great for kids.

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Heading to Floriade? – Don’t miss Mudgeeraba Spices


One of my favourites experiences at Floriade is heading to the Mudgeeraba Spices tent.

img_6339 img_6330

Year after year, they have been delighting visitors to Floriade with their generous free samples of curries and chutneys.

img_6316 img_6311

I just love the way the chutney and thick yogurt goes so well on the corn chip.


Mudgeeraba Spices has a great story to tell about how the business has grown from very humble beginnings.

The family based origins are reflected in the friendly hospitality of the staff at Floriade, setting it apart from other stalls.


Don’t miss it. This year they have a high profile spot in the main area.

And their website is full of great recipes!




Yogi’s Kitchen – warm hospitality and a great thali in Barton


Yogi’s Kitchen opened up in Barton in July and clearly it’s a popular spot for nearby workers on a weekday.


It was hard to pick from the range of great lunch options – but really, it’s a no brainer the $15 Lunch Thali is the best!


With a choice of two curries, it came with rice, naan, pickle, raita, pappadom and a gulab jaman – perfect on a wet rainy day.


But the real stand out for me was the service. Nothing was too much trouble. There were no free tables, but I still felt welcomed and like a special guest as I waited.

As tables became free, the best one was worked out for us. The best thali combo was offered with the flexibility to add in a (more expensive) cheese and garlic naan, and then finally…


…a whole selection of take home containers were provided to pack the remaining delicious flavours for later.

Such hospitality is hard to resist.

But I’m not the only one, so next time I’m going to book.

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Daana, Curtin – newly opened this week!


Daana, has a new home! 

This week Sanjay and Sunita celebrated their re-opening in their new Curtin home, previously occupied by Silver Fox and Delissio.


There’s a wonderful new menu full of regional specialties.

New dishes like Street Chaat – Dahi Vada $12 (a dish served cold)…


…and a lovely traditional Kerala dessert Kei Paysam of rice cooked with ghee and jaggary, garnished with dried fruit and cashews $10.


But there’s still  old favourites  like Idli with Sambar and coconut and tomato chutneys $12..


…and those great prices that we love!

There are just so many new dishes to try – Bombay specials, Southern Delights, Daana Specials, Thalis, weekend specials and more, that it will take many trips to work through them all. I think I’ll just need to gather a group and order a bunch to share.

Next on my wishlist is the Kati Rolls, Samosa Chaat, Dosa and Kulfi Fulooda.

BYO wine is $6 a bottle and you can be relaxed and cozy inside or make the most of the sunshine outside.

img_5945 img_5968

Do watch out for the Karma nights too – a great time of community and generosity!


Parking is easy, close and free!


83, Theodore Street, Curtin
Canberra, ACT 2605


Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 10pm
Sunday – 10am – 3pm
Monday closed.10% surcharge on Public Holidays.

Closed on Christmas Day.


Sanjay – +61 429 945 500
Sunita – +61 435 849 970



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