Claypot Chef, Farrer – a hidden Sri Lankan gem


Like the Burmese Curry Place and the Global Café (Ethiopian), the Claypot Chef in Farrer offers an exceptionally good, lesser known cuisine, at an unbelievably good price

The Claypot captures authentic South Asian flavours  and is a great place to try many of the Sri Lankan classics like Chicken/lamb/prawn Curry $14/$15, Kottu Roti $10-$13 (a little like a fried rice made with diced roti breads served with curry), Biriyani $13.50, Watalappam $4 (like a baked coconut milk and cardamom custard) , String Hoppers $8 (great with curry), Coconut Sambol side dish $5…..and if pre-ordered, or usually on weekends, also Egg Hoppers $2.50 each, Pittu (rice flour and grated coconut cooked in a cylinder shape and served with coconut milk and sambol $4 (minimum of 5), Goat or Black Pork Curry $15 and Lamprais (a Dutch influenced dish) $18.

Serve sizes are generous and ideal for sharing a few dishes up to six people.

IMG_0036 IMG_0033

Kottu Lamb   $13                       Devilled Chicken (a favourite) $15

IMG_0034 IMG_0040

Prawn Curry  $15                             Large rice $3

IMG_0035 IMG_0013

Green Beans Curry $10                Delicious plain roti $2 each

IMG_0038 IMG_0037

Seeni Sambol $5 (quite spicy)                         Pappadoms 2 for $1.50

Four dishes with a large basmati rice $3 and roti $2 each (so delicious that you will want one each) is plenty for 6 people (especially because Claypot is so lovely and may offer complimentary extras like rice re-fills, pappadums (usually 2 for $1.50) and cooked milk, palm sugar, cardamom and ginger sweets.


Cardamon & ginger sweets                        Watalappam $4

At around $12 per person, this is a delicious feast,cooked by people who genuinely want to share their love of Sri Lankan food with Canberrans.


IMG_0039 IMG_0011

As the Claypot is primarily caters for takeaway customers, inside seating is limited.  However groups of up to 10 can be comfortably accommodated indoors and up to 30 can eat al fresco, which is very pleasant on a warm summer evening.

It’s good to phone ahead and book, especially if you’d like to try the dishes that take much time to prepare.

So don’t let the casual nature of Claypot distract you from trying the great food, it’s well worth the visit to Farrer shops (next to IGA) and a worthy suburban dining opportunity to support.

Open Tuesday to Thursday 4-8pm and Friday to Sunday 10am-8pm.

Closed Mondays.

Phone 02 62868081

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