Great Ideas in Nutrition – useful Christmas secrets


Great Ideas in Nutrition has some great resources for enjoying food but staying light. Here’s some of their Christmas wisdom.

One day of overeating does not a disaster make, but it may equate to indigestion and a lot of lying on the couch.  Put your Portion Perfection knowledge to good use so you feel better at the end of the day.  Useful secrets below…..


SECRET 1 – 1/4 plate of turkey or ham + 1/4 plate of baked potatoes + 1/2 plate of salads or steamed greens + a swish of gravy makes a perfect Christmas meal.


SECRET 2 – The smaller the bowl of nibblies you put out the smaller the handful you will take.


SECRET 3 – Plan not to have too many leftovers.


SECRET 4 – Cherries make a great gift when dropping in on friends.

SECRET 5 – Take time out to relax and restore.

SECRET 6 – Whatever happened it isn’t a disaster. Enjoy your day and then get back on track.


Merry Christmas!

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Love Travel Guides – a handy tool for a foodie trip to India


Love Travel Guides truly are beautiful and it is like being shown around by a good friend who introduces you to all the best spots.

However, while all inclusions are high quality experiences, some can be quite expensive, so it’s good for the travel toolkit, but best used in conjunction with other guides and tips.

Sharrell Cook does a good job of describing and appreciating the Love Travel guides. In fact her GoIndia website is very useful in lots of ways.


A Tale of Samurai Cooking



 A Tale of Samurai Cooking – A True Love Story, was a fitting finale to Canberra’s Japanese Film Festival, 15-19 October 2014.

Set in feudal Japan, the attention and appreciation of beautiful food is matched by the exquisite costuming, the delicate and gracious interactions and movement, the engaging characters and story and the mountain back drop.
Well worth watching if you have the opportunity.


A new, one off Intrepid Real Food Adventure to Burma – makes interesting reading


Intrepid are running a one off, comfort (top) level Real food adventure to Burma next February 2015.
Approximately $3000 for 11 days, includes breakfast and around half the lunches and dinners.
A good opportunity to explore the food of Burma (but not necessarily the best), even the promotional material makes interesting reading.

A virtual tour of Mumbai with Rick Stein


Watch Rick Stein's India on ABC TV for great India itinerary ideas

The first half of BBC’s ‘Rick’s Stein’s India’ second episode is all about Mumbai and you can travel there yourself, without leaving home.

Visit Sassoon Dock fish market, eat Berry Pulao at Brittania & Co and meet Mr Kohinoor, go with Krishna from Reality Tours & Travel as he takes Rick to his favourite fish curry restaurant and on a tour of Dharavi slum, and play cricket on Oval Maiden.

The Penguin Food Guide to India – an excellent read for food lovers travel



I am truly loving Charmaine O’Brien’s Penguin Food Guide to India. An Aussie author, her style is infinitely readable and it really is like having as good friend to guide you through the delights of Indian food. I’ve used it to plan each meal for a visit to Mumbai later this month, based on the best spots for the best dishes.

From Charmaine recommendations I know to go to Sassoon Docks early to see the historic fish market of Mumbai’s original Koli inhabitants who supply Mumbai’s seafood, to visit Victoria Station at noon to catch the city’s dabba-wallahs in full swing delivering tiffin lunchboxes to office workers and not to miss India’s best street food, easily explored at Chowpatty beach in the evening.

I’m told Mumbai is famous for Parsi cuisine and I’m heading to the iconic Brittania and Company for their berry pulao and to Jimmy Boy for a full Parsi wedding feast.

Cheaply available from iBooks ($15) (an easy version to take with you) or the Book Depository ($19), I agree wholeheartedly with Penguin Books who say:

‘This first-ever comprehensive guide to regional food across India takes you on a mouth-watering journey through the homes, streets and restaurants of each state, exploring exotic and everyday fare in equal measure.…..Laden with historical information, cultural insights and personalized recommendations, The Penguin Food Guide to India is your ideal companion to the delightful world of Indian cuisine.’