Ideas for sharing food at home and work

The Answer for the Spontaneous Celebration at Work – a cake in a box!

If you’ve ever been caught short at work without the wherewithall to quickly create a memorable event to celebrate a birthday, a welcome or a farewell, then ‘Not Quite Nigella’ has the answer. The ingredients and ‘cake pan’ for Lorraine’s Easy Three Ingredient Pineapple Bread, can be easily stored in a 2 litre icecream container, ready […]


Turkish Banquet – a great idea for sharing food with friends at home

An easy, great value idea for enjoying food with friends, is to order turkish banquets. Delivered to your door…………… ……..a little re-plating can transform this ‘take-away’ meal into something special. (Four banquets are shown here i.e. $92 total). While there’s is usually a minimum order of two banquets that are intended to serve two people, […]