Tasting Dessert Plate – a great idea for sharing food with friends at home


It’s always a treat to find a dessert tasting plate on a menu because it’s an excellent opportunity to taste a range of dishes, but stay comfortable.

So why not try the same idea at home…


Dark chocolate and peanut butter brownie with peanut butter parfait, chocolate and peanut butter sand and Reese’s peanut butter cup, Mini blueberrry trifle


Orange, date and almond syrup cake with moroccan orange cinnamon cream, Pear and raspberry crumble with cinnamon ricotta cream, Mini blueberry trifle, Dark chocolate Tim Tam icecream with fruit mince pie, Baklava

Best shared between two, it’s good to combine different textures and style and to complement each dishes with matching accompaniments. The freezer is your friend to help throw this together at the last minute, rather than spend the day preparing so many separate items.

Stick with easy options and add to your freezer collection when the inspiration takes you. Restaurant menus are a great source of ideas on good ways to combine tastes and textures.

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