Useful eating plans for a healthy weight


There are plenty of useful, well balanced eating plans around to help plan meals and snacks for a healthy weight, but a few free and easy to use plans from Meat and Livestock Australia are the Look Good, Feel Good plan for young woman, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and the Live Well Plan for adults up to 50.

7 thoughts on “Useful eating plans for a healthy weight

  1. pamela hayward

    Michele – was wanting to pick your brains @ two Indian trips I am interested in and feel with all your travels there you may the best person to ask. Rajasthan classic or food trip -both are 15 days and there isquite a difference in price (I realize there are more meals and an airfare involved in the food trip plus an air fare from Goa back to Delhi (185.00) obviously there are with Intrepid.


    • Hi Pam, that’s exciting to be thinking about India! What a hard decision. Both trips look great.
      I’ve been on the Classic Rajasthan trip and it really is good and does include some good food highlights like a Delhi Street Food Tour and an optional cooking class in Udaipur and an optional home cooked meal in Pushkar.
      It’s especially good to go around November when the camel fair is on in Pushkar. It also includes Fort Madhogarh, a luxury tent near Bijaipur and Bundi which are all great. But Ranthambore National Park was not as good as the other experiences.
      However I have also been to Mumbai and Goa and they are fabulous too and the experiences planned there are very good. Also the food trip seems to include quite a few more food themed experiences which would be great.
      I think if the cost is not an issue I’d go for the Food Tour, noting that there would be the extra cost of flying back from Goa to Mumbai or Kochi to fly home. (If you have time Kochi is really great too, it would be good to fly there and then also have a quick trip to the backwaters before flying home. I’ve got a good contact for doing that if you need it).
      I can also help with places to stay in Kochi if you need it, I’ve also heard that the trip by train from Goa to Kochi down the Konkan Railway is very scenic.I’d love to hear what you decide. It sounds great!


  2. pamela hayward

    Have decided to go on the food tour as some of the passengers from my Sri Lanka trip preferred the food one. do you think that it is worth tagging on the 3 day mini-bite tour of Delhi at the beginning of the trip or is it likely to be repeated at the start of the food trip. Also thinking of a stopover in kochi at the end of the food trip in Goa…on the way back to Australia…..bearing in mind I will be travelling alone then! Where are you going this trip to India ?.


  3. Great choice! I’d choose the food tour too. I think you are right in thinking that the Delhi 3 day tour might overlap with the Food Tour.
    Day 2 is the same as Classic Rajasthan tour and the Delhi to Kathmandu tour (but I haven’t re-checked the Food tour trip notes).

    The street food tour mentioned in the three day tour is the same one that we did on the Classic Rajasthan tour as an optional activity on night 2.

    There’s some photos from it on this post:

    You could just book the street food tour with Intrepid and basically get the same thing, but cheaper.
    If Day 2 is the same as the Food Tour then all you would miss out on is the home-cooked meal.
    If you need a hotel in Delhi, I’ve heard that there are two good hotels in Pharganj area (near the main station) called Grand Goodwin and Hotel Ajanta.

    An alternative to the Intrepid tour might be Reality Tours and Travels’ Food Tour in Delhi.
    We did their Mumbai one (and lots of their other short tours in Mumbai) and really loved their tours and they were cheaper and better value than Intrepid’s food tours (and I enjoyed them more)

    This is their website and while it doesn’t list Delhi tours specifically, you could contact them and ask about it. I

    Their website says:
    In the summer of 2014, Reality Tours expanded to New Delhi and began working with the New Delhi slum, Sanjay Colony, which is located in the Okhla Industrial Area, India’s largest industrial area. We also offer Old Delhi Tours, Old Delhi Street Food Tours, and Sightseeing Tours.

    I really liked their slum tour in Mumbai, very thoughtful and interesting. Both of Reality Tours and Travel Delhi Food Tour and Slum Tour are on my wishlist for when I go back to Delhi.
    I think they might have a market tour too. But if you were thinking you might do a couple of their tours, it would be go to stay near the pick up point.

    I really would extend to stay in Kochi. I’d stay at a guesthouse with a very helpful manager like Walton’s Homestay (in Lonely Planet) as it’s so well located in Princess St. Alomnme would be no problem, it’s very easy in Kochi.You would love it. Here’s the link to some Kochi itinerary ideas. Do see the Karakali show, go to Dal Roti to eat and Intrepid has a great bike tour of Kochi (which I’m sure could be auto rickshaw too). And do think about doing a tour with Stanley Wilson to the backwaters (it’s great) (and Munnar to if you can).
    If you do want to go to Varkala too then you could fly out of Trivandrum. Hope that helps a bit.


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