Copper Chimney, Canberra City, still a top choice for Indian cuisine


Copper Chimney has not long taken over the restaurant space that Jewel of India, on West Row, used to occupy.

Pramod, the new owner, has kept the same luxuriously carpeted and elegant décor with soft chairs and the gorgeous colourful feature wall.

This sets the mood for a special night out and allows for easy conversation even when the room is busy.
Copper Chimney has a new menu, but it still features many of the Jewel of India classics, which is very good as ‘Jewel’ was a top choice for Indian food in Canberra.
The service is excellent, attentive, professional and thoughtful, delivering a ‘fine dining’ experience.
Pramod is a pleasure to chat to and only too willing to help design a menu for a group or to accommodate special requests.
Serve sizes are generous and ideal for sharing between up to six people (for a ‘tasting’ banquet).
Corkage is very reasonable at $6 per bottle.
Copper Chimney also offers 25% off for Canberra Entertainment Book holders (to $30) and is happy to take up to three vouchers (for groups of 6 or more).

Excellent choices based on Her Canberra’s recent review are:


Pappadoms with mint sauce and tamarind chutney (complimentary)


Chicken 65 (spicy and delicious) $14.90



Prawn curry Goanese – prawns cooked in a sauce of coriander seeds, cumin, turmeric powder and freshly ground coconut $24


Chicken Chettinad – a speciality from Southern India, chicken with a pepper spiced curry $19


1 Goat Bhuna Masala – spice coated pieces of goat, served on a sizzling plate $21


Aloo Paratha (with potato) $5 each


3 serves rice ($4 per serve)


Raita $5



Mango Kulfi $6


Pistachio Kulfi $6


Gulab Jaman with icecream $8


This menu below for 5-6 would be $22-26 per person ($16-20 with 25% Canberra Entertainment Book discount).

If your budget is very tight you could leave out the Chicken 65.

1 x Chicken 65
1 x Prawn curry Goanese
1 x Chicken Chettinad
1 x Goat Bhuna Masala (or swap this for Fish Methi Masala ($24), also a lovely dish)
3 x Aloo Paratha  (cut into ¼)
3 rice
Raita x 1

2 Mango Kulfi
1 Pistachio Kulfi

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