Thai Chiang Rai Kingston, Canberra -Thai


Thai Chiang Rai Kingston, is an ideal spot for an inexpensive, but interesting and pleasant, group dinner. Noy, the manager, is very helpful in designing a shared menu and his suggestions are terrific.

Helpfully open for dinner every day from 5 pm (and lunch Monday to Friday), it is found at 48 Giles St Kingston.

Phone 02 62326999 for bookings.

Suggested shared menu for six people, and
a good mix of flavours textures and colours;

Order one dish each of four to five of:

FIVE SPICE PRAWN $25.90 Stir-fried Prawns infused with five flavours of spices (this photo 3/4 of a serve size as it’s possible to order 1 1/2 serves, usually around 10 prawns per serve)

ROAST DUCK RED CURRY $22.90 With beans, bamboo shoot, peas, zucchini and lychee

ROAST CHICKEN $22.90 Crispy roast chicken with cucumber, topped with chilli, garlic, coriander and special soy sauce

STIR-FRY DRY CHILLI & CASHEW NUTS with onion and shallot and chicken $19.90

STUFFED EGGPLANT $22.90 (about 8 pieces per serve)

STICKY RICE $4.90/ basket(one basket per four people) (this especially good with the red duck curry)

and 2 serves of COCONUT RICE ( $3.90/ person)

Corkage $5.90 per bottle (or $3.90 per person)

25% discount up to $30 for the Canberra Entertainment book

Up to around $21 per person (for the five dishes and rice) (or $16 per person with the discount)


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