Discovering Canberra’s World Food Delights with friends – good spots and great menus


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Canberra offers a bounty of great spots to explore the cuisines of the world with friends, and even meet some of the locals introducing the food of their home country to their fellow Canberrans, at the same time.

Vietnam, China, India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Ethiopia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia and Bali as well many more cuisines are well represented in restaurants and street food style eateries around town.

Through some creative ordering and sharing, it’s easy to enjoy a range of dishes, finish dinner still feeling comfortable and keep the cost of the food down to around $20 or less.
And most places offer BYO which also keeps it affordable even if you’re planning a ’round the world’ ticket.

In the next few posts, I’ll help with some places to head and some menu ideas.

So grab some friends, a bottle wine and share some exciting food adventures discovering Canberra’s world cuisines.

2 thoughts on “Discovering Canberra’s World Food Delights with friends – good spots and great menus

    • Yes I do have a twitter link @MicheleWalton3, and it’s great that you’ve got this amazing list going. Thanks for your feedback, I’m really glad you like the blog.


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