Thai Chiang Rai Restaurant, Phillip – a budget friendly, tasty meal for three


Thai Chiang Rai in the Woden Southern Cross Club certainly has the nicest setting for lunch in the Woden CBD.


Serve sizes are generous and if you usually only need to order one main per two modest appetites to try some good dishes but not end up with more food than you want.

But an odd number (e.g. three people sharing) can be tricky.

One solution is to order one main and one smaller express lunch.

But then it can be tricky to order the rice in the right amounts.

Another solution is to order one curry and one of the special fried rice (and skip the plain rice).


The chicken and prawn fried rice $16.90 is a good option.


The Jungle Curry with Pork $17.90, is very good (possibly the best dish so far). It is very light, no having any cream or coconut milk added, with fresh flavours. It is very spicy though, if chilli bothers you.


The pork and chicken meats are tender at Thai Chiang Rai and good options to order for the curries and stir fries. (The beef is not so tender).

If you are wanting a light meal (also light on price) then the $9.90 serve of plain rice would also be good with the Jungle Curry with pork or chicken (one serve of each for three).


Canberra Southern Cross Club members are offered a 10% discount.

At lunchtime a glass of wine is $2.90 (although this may be increasing to $3.90 soon).

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Silver Fox, Curtin – a first look at a couple of brilliant salad options for lunch


Silver Fox has recently opened in the spot where Delissios used to be in Curtin.

IMG_0366 IMG_0367

Parking is easy and it’s just a few minutes drive from the Woden CBD.

Pleasant décor and friendly, helpful staff make it an attractive place for lunch. It is also fairly quiet and an easy place for conversation.


In addition to pizza, pasta and grills, Silver Fox offers a couple of interesting salad options that are truly good!


An excellent fruit and nut salad of strawberry, pear, brazil nut and almonds with rocket, red onion, mint and balsamic vinaigrette ($18 for the regular size), has got the perfect balance of sweet, crunch and mint and is generous with the nuts.


An equally good, but perhaps a little more oily, warm roast vegetable salad  ($20 for the regular size) of sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot and celery with walnuts, red onion, baby spinach, semi-dried tomato has a seriously good maple-cinnamon toffee dressing. It’s especially good topped with prawns (an extra $8 for 6) but I’ve also heard the crispy calamari ($6 extra) is terrific.


Half serves are offered for a little less cost e.g. $15/$18 compared to $18/$20 for the regular size  but it’s good to get the larger serve for not much more and share both between two people.

Other good choices are said to be the Creamed Chicken Penne Pasta with pine nuts, broccolini, baby spinach, parmesan and oregano $22, Seafood Aglio Olio Linguine with prawns, squid and smoked salmon, caper berries, fennel, cherry tomatoes, and rocket $25 and the Mexican Beef Pizza with spiced beef and beans, jalapeno peppers and mozzarella, rocket, corn salsa and cheddar cheese $22. (The Greek Garlic Prawns Pizza $22, also sounds wonderful with herb-garlic butter, prawns, capers and mozzarella with parmesan cheese, fresh red onion, rocket and aioli.)

A great idea would be to take a few friends and share one of each.

Prices are what you would expect for mid-range Italian style restaurants.

There is also a 25% discount offered to Canberra Entertainment Book Holders making it excellent value for good food.

And if you can’t make it to them, they can bring the food to you at work.

There’s even a discount for 5 (1/2 price for one meal ) or 10 (one meal free).

Serve sizes are the same as those in the restaurant and meals are delivered in clear take-away plastic containers or pizza boxes as appropriate.

Glasses of wine start at $7 a glass.

BYO wine is an option for $10 corkage per bottle.


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Quizine, Phillip – an excellent spot for a light tasty lunch close to Woden


While it used to be a bit tricky to order a nicely balanced meal at Quizine, they now have it well sorted so that the Fit Meals have a fixed price for a bit of everything and you get to choose what to put together.

IMG_0323 IMG_0316

So first you choose whether you’d like a 125gm protein food meal for $12.50 or a 200gm protein food meal for $15.50.


Then you can choose what type of protein food e.g. steak/chicken breast in various styles/poached white fish/lentil slice (or 200gm salmon for an extra $3).

Add one or two carb/veg/salad bases (so one carb, one veg/salad works well) and a side sauce e.g. garlic aioli, chunky satay, peri-peri mayo.

If you’d like any extras like avocado, salsa or pesto or a couple of poached eggs, that would be $2.50 more.


If that is too much choice you can just go with one of the ready to go combinations like the…

Classic – 200gm lightly grilled chicken breast with brown rice, broccoli and carrots and chunky satay salsa $15.50…


Or a Lean and Clean – 200gm poached white fish, white rice and gourmet garden salad and lemon $15.50.


Tender Chicken Salad – $15.50, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad $14.50 and Chicken Caesar Salad $15, are also available.

IMG_0317 IMG_0318

A little bit sweet treats are also available for about $3 each.

IMG_0319 IMG_0320

Canberra Entertainment Book Holders are offered two meals for the price of one making Quizine excellent value.

Open Mon-Fri 7:00am – 5:00pm and Sat 7:30am – 4:30pm.

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Wheat & Oats Café, Phillip – still a great pick for lunch near Woden.


Wheat & Oats Café Phillip is still an excellent place for lunch if you need to stay near Woden. It’s a short 10-15 minute walk from Woden office buildings and service is very quick.

There’s even a good range of ready to options if time is especially short.

Daily specials change but always include some interesting gourmet sandwiches for $7 like…
…pumpkin and fetta…

…chicken, avocado and baby spinach on rye sourdough bread…


And a BLT and vegetarian roasted vegetable sandwiches.

These are great value and particularly nice toasted.
The hot specials are always delicious and good value too like…

Vegetable Korma with rice and pappadam $10.


There’s inside and outside seating, very friendly and helpful service, a lovely casual atmosphere and a discount of 25% for Canberra Entertainment Book holders.

It’s hard to find a better value spot with such a nice atmosphere, so close to Woden.

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Thai Chiang Rai, Woden Southern Cross Club – a first look at lunch off the main menu


Thai Chiang Rai, recently opened upstairs in the Woden Southern Cross Club, replacing my loved Chong Co.
While it serves some good Express Lunches, if there’s a few of you, it can be better for variety to share dishes from the main menu.


Two dishes with rice is enough for 4 modest appetites.


The $9.90 rice serve is very large and would serve 5 people.


For two people the $4.90 size would be plenty.


The Massaman Beef Curry $19.90 has a delicious sauce and is generous, but like the Express Lunch red beef curry, the beef is not so tender.

Perhaps a chicken curry is a better pick.

The Chicken Stirfry (also generous) with Dry Chilli and Cashews is good, but possibly there are better stirfry choices.


Well worth working through the menu though, as it’s such a nice place.

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Thai Chiang Rai, now in the Woden Southern Cross Club


It was a sad day when Chong Co left the Woden Southern Cross Club. But very happily, Thai Chiang Rai (also in Kingston and Belconnen) is doing a great job of continuing the tradition of good Thai food….


……in a lovely setting…

IMG_0178 IMG_0179

….at a good price (particularly with the 10% CSCC members discount.)

Offering a good range of Express Lunches (and wine at $2.90!!)…


…like Green Curry with Chicken and rice $12.90, which is particularly good…


…Red Curry with Beef (not so tender, but good flavour) and rice $12.90…


…and plenty of other great sounding dishes and desserts..

IMG_0182 IMG_0185 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0181 IMG_0189 IMG_0188

it’s bound to be a favourite spot for lunch in Woden.

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Flavours of India, Woden – trying a few more dishes


Warm and cozy in the cold weather, with an attractive décor, Flavours of India is a great pick in the Woden CBD for a weekday lunch.

IMG_0010 IMG_0004

Sharing a couple of dishes, breads and rice works well, without being too filling. One of each between every two people works well (dishes are big enough for up to six to share, but double up when you need to).

IMG_0008 IMG_0005-0

Corkage is $8 per BYO bottle of wine and this can transform a routine lunch into a special event.

A 25% discount is offered for the Canberra Entertainment Book which makes it great value.

The Kadhai Lamb (Gosht) $17.95 is tender and lovely, a top pick.


The Kulcha Paneer with Onion and Marsala is a must have $4.50.


The Biryanis – e.g. the Chicken Biriyani for $19.95 is well sized and tasty, but can be fairly oily, so good to get some plain rice too.


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Whisk Bakery & Patisserie, Phillip – good for a hot pie for lunch



Whisk has delicious flans and cakes, but equally good are their pies for around $5 each.

image image

The pastry is delicate and flaky and the filling full of meat and flavour. A definite winner on a cold day with a coffee.

image image

Whisk also serves a large bowl of hot soup and one of their rolls for $7. On the wishlist for next time.


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The Hellenic Club Trattoria, Woden


The Hellenic Club in Woden has range of dining options, that vary in appeal, but one that surpassingly has much to offer as a lunch venue is the Trattoria.

image image
It’s casual and definitely still ‘club-like’, but also friendly, quiet and pleasant.

image image
Some versatile, attractive lunch special options are available for $12.

These are well sized and good for sharing.
Three dishes is enough for four modest appetites.

Add a glass of wine, starting from about $4, and you have the makings of a good lunch get together.

Menu choices include:
zucchinni ribbon, goats. cheese and pine nuts salad with calamari


Pon collo pizza with chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce (very tasty)


Wood -fired lamb and salad on pide bread (excellent).


A good tip is to get the oil/dressing son the side as these can be a bit heavy.

Open 7 days for members and guests.

Membership for one year is $8.80 (seniors $3.30).

image image image image

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Grill’d, Woden, a wide range of good gourmet burgers


Grill’d, in Woden, but also a Manuka location with a pleasant setting…

IMG_3552 IMG_3550

….and a Belconnen and City branch….


….is easy to overlook as just another quick service restaurant.

But in fact it has some delicious gourmet burgers, that are well priced (especially if you use the two for one Canbera Entertainment Book Vouchers).

In good weather, it is also possible to sit outside in a sunny quiet nook making it a good spot for a quick (and service is quick). inexpensive lunch catch up with friends.

The menu is informative with plenty of nutrition information and staff are very helpful if you have special requests.

SIMPLY GRILL’D/ 2300kJ / $9.90

Grilled grass fed lean beef, salad, relish & herbed mayo – add tasty cheese + $1.0


‘SIMON SAYS’/ 2240kJ / $12.50

Grilled chicken breast, avocado, crispy trim bacon, salad, relish & herbed mayo


MOROCCAN LAMB/ 2100kJ / $13.50

Grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, roasted peppers, tzatziki, salad & relish.

 IMG_5279 IMG_5280

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