Flavours of India, Woden – trying a few more dishes


Warm and cozy in the cold weather, with an attractive décor, Flavours of India is a great pick in the Woden CBD for a weekday lunch.

IMG_0010 IMG_0004

Sharing a couple of dishes, breads and rice works well, without being too filling. One of each between every two people works well (dishes are big enough for up to six to share, but double up when you need to).

IMG_0008 IMG_0005-0

Corkage is $8 per BYO bottle of wine and this can transform a routine lunch into a special event.

A 25% discount is offered for the Canberra Entertainment Book which makes it great value.

The Kadhai Lamb (Gosht) $17.95 is tender and lovely, a top pick.


The Kulcha Paneer with Onion and Marsala is a must have $4.50.


The Biryanis – e.g. the Chicken Biriyani for $19.95 is well sized and tasty, but can be fairly oily, so good to get some plain rice too.


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