Chong Co, Woden – perfect for creating an easy dinner party with take-away


Buying some good quality takeaway that can be easily shared and replacing it at home is a great way to cater for a group without too much fuss or cost.

Chong Co in Woden has great dishes that are well sized for sharing.

Good choices include…
Thai beef salad $17.90

Prawn lemongrass stir fry $20.90

Beef massaman curry $16.90

Pork panning curry $16.90

Chilli basil mixed vegetables with tofu stir fry $14.90

(but better with chicken)

Add some steamed rice…and it’s done.

Chong Co efficiently wraps the takeaway in glad wrap so it stays warm enough for summer eating for ups to one hour without reheating.
NB The Fried tofu and sweet chilli sauce is not such a great choice as it’s fairly bland.

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Fine Eating’s Top Canberra Restaurant for 2015, Space, Woden – an illustrated menu!


When Space opened on 8 October 2015, it was Fine Eating’s most popular post for the year.

Woden CBD had been longing for a new eatery – stylish, creative, exciting!


Space is all that and so much more. Each dish is both a work of art, and full of surprising but wonderful flavours and textures – both beautiful and delicious!

The all day breakfast dishes and the gourmet salads are still the highlights of the menu with great coffee and good wine by the glass to back it up. (And yes wine goes very well with these breakfast dishes).

And then the very famous desserts arrived….

An illustrated menu…. ( with many thanks to all the friends who shared the meals, lovely 2015 memories!)

All day breakfast

Full service $21.90

Minor service $ 16.90

Space Benedict $18.90


Hot Cakes $17.90

Smoked Salmon Breakfast $18.90

Polenta Waffles $18.90

Breakfast Fritters $18.90


Muesli $15.90

Egg& Bacon Roll $11.90

Space Jam $6.90

Salad Bar & Gourmet Sandwiches

Roast Chicken Sandwich $14.90


Pulled Pork Roll $14.90

Mushroom Sandwich $14.90

Chicken Peach Salad $18.90

Pulled Pork Salad $18.90


Smoked Trout Salad $18.90

Roast Vegetable Salad $18.90


Chicken Burger $16.90

Pulled Pork Sliders $16.90

Wagyu Cheese Burger $16.90

Fish and Chips $19.90

Calamari $19.90

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Asian noodle House


The Asian Noodle House in Woden often gets booked out at weekday lunchtimes.

img_2315-1 img_2314-1

Part of it’s appeal is the wide range of options for all tastes and appetites,  from very light Wonton Soup $7.50….


…fairly light Hainam Chicken $15.50 – a poached chicken breast with green vegetables, tasty rice and ginger and chilli sauce that comes with a chicken broth.


…half serve Fried spring rolls $4.50 or a full size for $6.50…

img_2307-1 img_2306-1

… a Laksa and Spring Rolls combo $16.50…


…or Laksa alone $13.50 …

…Pho Tai $12.50…


….Larb Beef or Chicken $16.50…

img_2312-1 img_2308-1

…Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken $16.50

img_2309-1 img_2313-1

With rice an extra $2.

And if you do end up over-ordering…there’s take-away containers available for 50cents to take the rest home.

BYO corkage is $5.

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Space, Woden – trying a few more dishes


Space has only been open two months, but it’s the best thing that’s happened for Woden CBD dining for years.

Every dish is a winner. You just can’t go wrong.

This however, makes choosing very difficult.

Whether to go for one of the all day breakfast dishes, like the Polenta Waffles with lemon thyme sautéed mushrooms, goat’s cheese poached eggs, corn purée, salsa verde and the truffle oil that is added at the table with great flair and fun! $18.90…

IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1549

…the Smoked Salmon Breakfast $18.90 delicious flavours with hot smoked salmon, poached eggs, smashed avocado, coconut roesti, puffed grains, dukkah and lime dressing…


….or the still truly top breakfast pick Space Benedict – pulled pork croquette with poached eggs, beetroot hollandaise, pork cracking brioche crumb and pea purée $18.90…


…or one of the lovely salads like the top pick Pulled Pork Salad $18.90 with pulled pork, pearl couscous, almonds, peas, mint, feta, pomegranate and Harissa yogurt…..

img_2351 img_1984

….or the Roast Vegetable Salad $18.90 with roasted baby carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, green olive and almond tapenade, pickled grapes, walnuts, goats cheese, quinoa and lemon poppy seed dressing …


….( very nice, but not as good as the second top pick Chicken Peach Salad or the third top pick Smoked Trout Salad)….


….or one of the very generous Gourmet Sandwiches like the deliciously flavoured Roast Chicken sandwich $14.90 with roast lemon and thyme chicken, smashed avocado and peas, fresh tomato, Swiss cheese and lime aioli.


This would be a good choice if you’re not so hungry and want to take some with you for later, or if two people are wanting to share a light savoury snack with a drink and you weren’t wanting….


…the Pulled Pork Roll $14.90 has a good flavour with the lemongrass pulled pork, coriander, carrot, chicken pate, lime aioli and chilli , but it gets a little soggy underneath….

…or the smaller Mushroom Sandwich $14.90 that comes on a brioche roll and includes a goats cheese stuffed portobello mushroom with green olive and almond tapenade and crème fraiche…

….one of the beautiful work of art patisserie choices like the Blueberry Blueberry $9.90 Cheesecake, good for sharing as serves are generous and the cake quite rich.

img_1920 img_1919img_1917

However, you may like to try one of the gourmet burgers like the Pulled Pork Sliders $16.90 for three on a charcoal coloured brioche bun –  pulled pork, salsa verde, cabbage slaw with chipotle aioli….


…or the Chicken Burger $16.90 a crispy Moroccan spiced chicken breast with purple slaw, bacon and aioli…

…..or the Calamari – sumac spiced crispy calamari with red pepper hummus, smoked almonds, quinoa and watercress salad with citrus aioli $19.90.


Perhaps the very best choices are the salads and the more savoury breakfast dishes.

However, every dish is presented beautifully and thoughtfully…the flavours always delight.

Every visit to Space is a treat.

But the secret is out, so do head there early to make sure you get a table.

Some bookings are taken, but there’s always Space left for walk-ins.

It can get noisy so ask for the table in the corner between the Furzer Street window and the bar if you have a group and want to chat.

The only way to solve the problem of what to order is to visit regularly and work though the whole menu!

A mission to look forward to.
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Chong Co, Westfield Woden


The Chong Co Restaurants in Canberra have been constantly offering reasonable priced and generous series of very good Thai food.

But with Chong Co only staying short time in the City and at the Woden Southern Cross Club, the Woden Westfield Mall location is still hanging in there.

This is good news for Woden workers as the dishes are still a great size for sharing and always delicious.

Order one dish and one rice per two modest appetites.

The Beef Massaman Curry $18.90 is still a great choice…

…as is the Pork Prik Khing $17.90.

Rice is $3 per serve.

In the warm weather it’s good to sit outside.

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Wheat and Oats, Phillip


Wheat and Oats is thriving, and it’s easy to see why.


It’s close to the Woden CBD, has easy parking, offered an all day breakfast menu….


….as well as a good lunch menu…


…daily ready made specials…..


…blackboard specials….

IMG_1859 IMG_1862

….a good range of sweet treats…


…a casual and inviting atmosphere…

…true hospitality, quick service and a readiness to be flexible with orders..

…great prices and an extra 25% discount for Canberra Entertainment Book holders.

The blackboard specials are always good…and the current Chicken Korma with rice $12 is light, flavoursome and full of chicken – delicious!


It pairs well with a side salad if you are sharing between two.


A garden salad is $5, but for $7 the tandoori chicken salad is well worth the extra.


Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch, it’s good for a quick weekday lunch or a leisurely weekend brunch.
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A Bite to Eat, Chifley


A Bite to Eat, at the Chifley shops, is just a short walk from the Woden CBD.

It has always offered an eclectic, casual and friendly atmosphere that’s very popular with locals.

The lunch menu offers a range of differently sized and priced salad and bread-based meals.

The larger meals can be shared and this is a good idea as they can be quite heavy with dressing… like the Cos and Effect for about $17.90 with Tumut smoked trout, baby cos, crisp beans, cherry tomatoes, dill dressing and boiled egg.

The Ava-Bit-A-Cado, also about $17.90, an avocado bruschetta with herbed ricotta and semi-dried  tomatoes is a good choice.


(02) 6260 3703


Shop 8
Eggleston Crescent Chifley ACT 2606


Mon 8am–4pm
Tue 8am–4pm
Wed 8am–9.30pm
Thurs-Fri 8am–10pm
Sat 8am–4pm
Sun 9am–8pm

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