Space, Woden – trying a few more dishes


Space has only been open two months, but it’s the best thing that’s happened for Woden CBD dining for years.

Every dish is a winner. You just can’t go wrong.

This however, makes choosing very difficult.

Whether to go for one of the all day breakfast dishes, like the Polenta Waffles with lemon thyme sautéed mushrooms, goat’s cheese poached eggs, corn purée, salsa verde and the truffle oil that is added at the table with great flair and fun! $18.90…

IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1549

…the Smoked Salmon Breakfast $18.90 delicious flavours with hot smoked salmon, poached eggs, smashed avocado, coconut roesti, puffed grains, dukkah and lime dressing…


….or the still truly top breakfast pick Space Benedict – pulled pork croquette with poached eggs, beetroot hollandaise, pork cracking brioche crumb and pea purée $18.90…


…or one of the lovely salads like the top pick Pulled Pork Salad $18.90 with pulled pork, pearl couscous, almonds, peas, mint, feta, pomegranate and Harissa yogurt…..

img_2351 img_1984

….or the Roast Vegetable Salad $18.90 with roasted baby carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, green olive and almond tapenade, pickled grapes, walnuts, goats cheese, quinoa and lemon poppy seed dressing …


….( very nice, but not as good as the second top pick Chicken Peach Salad or the third top pick Smoked Trout Salad)….


….or one of the very generous Gourmet Sandwiches like the deliciously flavoured Roast Chicken sandwich $14.90 with roast lemon and thyme chicken, smashed avocado and peas, fresh tomato, Swiss cheese and lime aioli.


This would be a good choice if you’re not so hungry and want to take some with you for later, or if two people are wanting to share a light savoury snack with a drink and you weren’t wanting….


…the Pulled Pork Roll $14.90 has a good flavour with the lemongrass pulled pork, coriander, carrot, chicken pate, lime aioli and chilli , but it gets a little soggy underneath….

…or the smaller Mushroom Sandwich $14.90 that comes on a brioche roll and includes a goats cheese stuffed portobello mushroom with green olive and almond tapenade and crème fraiche…

….one of the beautiful work of art patisserie choices like the Blueberry Blueberry $9.90 Cheesecake, good for sharing as serves are generous and the cake quite rich.

img_1920 img_1919img_1917

However, you may like to try one of the gourmet burgers like the Pulled Pork Sliders $16.90 for three on a charcoal coloured brioche bun –  pulled pork, salsa verde, cabbage slaw with chipotle aioli….


…or the Chicken Burger $16.90 a crispy Moroccan spiced chicken breast with purple slaw, bacon and aioli…

…..or the Calamari – sumac spiced crispy calamari with red pepper hummus, smoked almonds, quinoa and watercress salad with citrus aioli $19.90.


Perhaps the very best choices are the salads and the more savoury breakfast dishes.

However, every dish is presented beautifully and thoughtfully…the flavours always delight.

Every visit to Space is a treat.

But the secret is out, so do head there early to make sure you get a table.

Some bookings are taken, but there’s always Space left for walk-ins.

It can get noisy so ask for the table in the corner between the Furzer Street window and the bar if you have a group and want to chat.

The only way to solve the problem of what to order is to visit regularly and work though the whole menu!

A mission to look forward to.
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Chong Co, Westfield Woden


The Chong Co Restaurants in Canberra have been constantly offering reasonable priced and generous series of very good Thai food.

But with Chong Co only staying short time in the City and at the Woden Southern Cross Club, the Woden Westfield Mall location is still hanging in there.

This is good news for Woden workers as the dishes are still a great size for sharing and always delicious.

Order one dish and one rice per two modest appetites.

The Beef Massaman Curry $18.90 is still a great choice…

…as is the Pork Prik Khing $17.90.

Rice is $3 per serve.

In the warm weather it’s good to sit outside.

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Wheat and Oats, Phillip


Wheat and Oats is thriving, and it’s easy to see why.


It’s close to the Woden CBD, has easy parking, offered an all day breakfast menu….


….as well as a good lunch menu…


…daily ready made specials…..


…blackboard specials….

IMG_1859 IMG_1862

….a good range of sweet treats…


…a casual and inviting atmosphere…

…true hospitality, quick service and a readiness to be flexible with orders..

…great prices and an extra 25% discount for Canberra Entertainment Book holders.

The blackboard specials are always good…and the current Chicken Korma with rice $12 is light, flavoursome and full of chicken – delicious!


It pairs well with a side salad if you are sharing between two.


A garden salad is $5, but for $7 the tandoori chicken salad is well worth the extra.


Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch, it’s good for a quick weekday lunch or a leisurely weekend brunch.
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A Bite to Eat, Chifley


A Bite to Eat, at the Chifley shops, is just a short walk from the Woden CBD.

It has always offered an eclectic, casual and friendly atmosphere that’s very popular with locals.

The lunch menu offers a range of differently sized and priced salad and bread-based meals.

The larger meals can be shared and this is a good idea as they can be quite heavy with dressing… like the Cos and Effect for about $17.90 with Tumut smoked trout, baby cos, crisp beans, cherry tomatoes, dill dressing and boiled egg.

The Ava-Bit-A-Cado, also about $17.90, an avocado bruschetta with herbed ricotta and semi-dried  tomatoes is a good choice.


(02) 6260 3703


Shop 8
Eggleston Crescent Chifley ACT 2606


Mon 8am–4pm
Tue 8am–4pm
Wed 8am–9.30pm
Thurs-Fri 8am–10pm
Sat 8am–4pm
Sun 9am–8pm

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Lava Expresso Bar, Phillip


Lava is a handy spot within walking distance of the Woden CBD that offers a relaxed casual atmosphere, friendly staff, great coffee and light tasty sandwiches.

IMG_1113 IMG_1116
Both toasted and fresh options are available including a good chorizo, chilli jam, Swiss cheese and basil sandwich $11.

The avocado and Persian feta on sourdough also sounds tempting for $9 ($3 extra for an egg) or sourdough fruit toast for even something lighter at $4.50.
Customers who hold the Canberra Entertainment Book can also get two coffees for the price of one.

IMG_1119 IMG_1120 IMG_1121
Well worth checking out!

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Space, Woden – some beautiful new salads to try

Space in Woden is the hottest spot for lunch and it’s hard to go past it for dishes that look like works of art and combine flavours and textures in exciting ways.
So it’s excellent that already Ricardo has introduced some more new dishes to try.
The menu this week features two new salads that are both very beautiful to look at and include ingredients that complement each other well.
The Chicken Peach Salad is especially delicious, full of fresh mint and coriander instead of the usual lettuce leaves, moist spiced chicken breast pieces and crisp peach slices garnished with coconut, chopped peanuts and watercress made perfect with a great nuoc cham dressing $18.90.
The new Smoked Trout Salad $18.90 pairs haloumi and watercress, watermelon and smoked trout, with the sweetness and crispness of pickled grapes and carrots, finished with pine nuts and a lemon dill crème fraiche dressing.
Both salads are light but substantial and you can enjoy the full dish without feeling uncomfortable.
Great if you can order two and swap to try both.
Still on the menu is the Pulled Pork salad with pearl couscous, almonds, peas, mint, feta, pomegranate and harissa yogurt $18.90…
..and a Roast Vegetable Salad with roast baby carrots, pumpkin, beetroot, green olive and almond tapenade, pickled grapes, walnuts, goats cheese, quinoa and lemon poppy seed dressing $18.90.
The gourmet burgers are still looking great….
Wagyu cheese burger $16.90…
….as is the Calamari $18.90 with sumac spiced calamari, red pepper hummus, smoked almonds, quinoa and watercress salad and citrus aioli $18.90. 
And the all day breakfast dishes like the Smoked Salmon Breakfast $18.90 (hot smoked salmon, smashed avocado. coconut rosette, poached eggs, puffed grass, dukkah, lime coconut dressing) are also great for lunch….
….or a dessert!
The wine is served in beautiful glasses for $8 a glass and both the Sav Blanc and Chardonnay are very good.
 Bookings aren’t taken so arrive early to be sure to grab a table.

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Belluci’s, Woden – update on the lunch specials


Belluci’s Restaurant in Woden, still offers their popular lunch specials menu on weekdays. $19.90 (or $15 with the Canberra Entertainment Card) gets you a choice of rissotto, pasta, salad, pizza, or the newly added burger, fish and chips or chimmichanga along with a glass of wine, beer or softdrink.

IMG_0455 IMG_0454

The chicken caesar salad is still a good lighter choice…


…as is the Verdure Salad with roasted root vegetables and goats cheese.


The risottos and pastas are heavier, but tasty picks (especially the Fettucinne Carbonara).

IMG_0465 IMG_0457

The Vedura and Belluci’s Special Pizzas as still good as are the risottos.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464

But the chicken breast burgers and  the Chimmichanga are well worth a try as they look delicious.


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Space, Woden- amazing breakfast dishes all day!


One of the great things about Space, the newest restaurant in Woden CBD, that opened last week, is that it serves it’s lovely breakfast menu all day.


Inspired by Her Canberra’s post, to try the Space Benedict $17.90 –  the pulled pork croquette  is just so delicious, goes well with the poached egg and the beetroot hollandaise is wonderful. The pork cracking brioche crumble is lovely flavour and texture contrast.


This must be the best dish yet, closely followed by the Felafel and Salmon Salad.

The Breakfast Fritters are also excellent – $17.90. The corn, zucchini and halos I fritters are especially good, also nice with the poached eggs, a tasty feta and harissa yogurt, beetroot hummus and a lovely contrasting texture in the corn cous cous.


The Polenta Waffles $17.90, next door looked excellent as well and were served with a ‘theatrical’ touch from Ricardo which made it worth ordering just for the show.

The Muesli $15.90 also looks gorgeous and no-one seems shy about ordering it for lunch either.


And there’s even more amazing creations in the cake cabinet in the way out that you must not miss! A work of art – everything!

IMG_0611-0 IMG_0610 IMG_0612 IMG_0609


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Urban bean Expresso Bar, Woden – some good salad options for lunch


Urban Bean Expresso Bar in the heart of office worker buildings Woden, has always offered a range of great lunch options.
The gourmet wraps and burgers are always good, but it may be the salads that are the very best options on offer.
The Thai Chicken Salad ($14.90) has a great sesame and chilli dressing.

However, it’s worth checking the menu and the daily specials.
The French Green Bean and Chicken Salad had a very generous serve of chicken and was great value at $9.90.

IMG_0335 IMG_0340

There’s also a range of ready to go wrap/ gourmet sandwich options for about $9….

IMG_0331 IMG_0330

….such as the marinated vegetable wrap (lacks flavour and very oily)….


or a roast vegetable filled Turkish bread.

It gets busy so go early to grab a table.

IMG_0339IMG_0336 IMG_0337

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