Space, Woden- amazing breakfast dishes all day!


One of the great things about Space, the newest restaurant in Woden CBD, that opened last week, is that it serves it’s lovely breakfast menu all day.


Inspired by Her Canberra’s post, to try the Space Benedict $17.90 –  the pulled pork croquette  is just so delicious, goes well with the poached egg and the beetroot hollandaise is wonderful. The pork cracking brioche crumble is lovely flavour and texture contrast.


This must be the best dish yet, closely followed by the Felafel and Salmon Salad.

The Breakfast Fritters are also excellent – $17.90. The corn, zucchini and halos I fritters are especially good, also nice with the poached eggs, a tasty feta and harissa yogurt, beetroot hummus and a lovely contrasting texture in the corn cous cous.


The Polenta Waffles $17.90, next door looked excellent as well and were served with a ‘theatrical’ touch from Ricardo which made it worth ordering just for the show.

The Muesli $15.90 also looks gorgeous and no-one seems shy about ordering it for lunch either.


And there’s even more amazing creations in the cake cabinet in the way out that you must not miss! A work of art – everything!

IMG_0611-0 IMG_0610 IMG_0612 IMG_0609


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