Thai Chiang Rai, Woden Southern Cross Club – a first look at lunch off the main menu

Thai Chiang Rai, recently opened upstairs in the Woden Southern Cross Club, replacing my loved Chong Co.
While it serves some good Express Lunches, if there’s a few of you, it can be better for variety to share dishes from the main menu.


Two dishes with rice is enough for 4 modest appetites.


The $9.90 rice serve is very large and would serve 5 people.


For two people the $4.90 size would be plenty.


The Massaman Beef Curry $19.90 has a delicious sauce and is generous, but like the Express Lunch red beef curry, the beef is not so tender.

Perhaps a chicken curry is a better pick.

The Chicken Stirfry (also generous) with Dry Chilli and Cashews is good, but possibly there are better stirfry choices.


Well worth working through the menu though, as it’s such a nice place.

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