Aroma & Spice – An Indian vegetarian Cooking Journey right here in Canberra!


If you’ve ever wanted to master a few great authentic Indian dishes to wow your friends and family, without spending a fortune, then Vinnys’ home style cooking lessons, is for you.

Spending time with Vinnys in her kitchen as she shares her favourite recipes and provides great tips about where to source the ingredients locally, is a treat.

Being a busy, working woman, she has adapted her mothers’ timeless recipes to be quick, easy and healthy, while still retaining their unique and special flavours and textures.

Indian home style cooking is healthier and more flavoursome and varied than many of the well-known restaurant dishes which also tend to be higher in fat and salt.

This delicious North Indian Potato, Spinach and Tomato Curry is great served with rice for everyday meals….

…..but it also becomes very special when served with hot puffy Pooris.

A series of five lessons with Vinnys covers a range of dishes including vegetable curries, dahls and versatile dips as well as classic breads like pooris, parathas and chapattis.

Booking is flexible and you can attend one of more classes at $25 per class ($120 for five).

Grab a few friends and make it a social event.

Groups are kept small so that everyone has a good opportunity to learn and take home the dish of the day to enjoy for dinner.

It’s like having a good friend share the secrets of their special recipes and step you through to create them yourself.

Sundays 4pm in Bruce.

Contact Vinnys for more details.



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