Paella at Pod Food, Pialligo – a treat for Cooking Circles Canberra


Fine Eating was back again at Pod Food this week with the very lovely company of Cooking Circles Canberra!

The generous and immensely hospitable team at Pod hosted a fabulous evening of all things Paella!


John, Jack and Sam – our hosts

Pod Food is of course the perfect garden venue for sharing paella with new friends. I always love how many new people I meet at Cooking Circles and it’s great to catch up again with those I’ve met before.


As we arrived, we introduced ourselves and took up Sam’s very welcome offer of a glass of Canberra wine.


We settled in as John unpacked the secrets of a successful paella!


John explained how to create the perfect stock base…


…what and when to add the oil, onions, spicy and smokey paprikas, Spanish onion and chorizo, beautifully coloured capsicums….


….stock, seafood and chicken.


We appreciated the importance of the crackle and the crust as the delicious aromas filled the garden.


John and Sam even shared their favourites ways with leftover Paella – add and egg and Pialligo bacon for a brekkie paella, soy sauce and peas for fried rice – paella freezes and reheats beautifully.


So relaxing after a busy day, to sit and enjoy conversations about creating and sharing food.

But their was a surprise left for us. No eating paella off our laps from a disposable plate for us!


John, Jack and Sam had created a beautiful space for us to enjoy each other’s company and that very, very fine paella.


If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Paella at Pod Food, don’t miss another wonderful event coming up. All woman are welcome to come along to Cooking Circles.

Join us in April as we unpack the iconic Indian lunchbox with Shafique at Joy Indian Restaurant and create roti, lentil and vegetable rice and chicken kadai together.

Do grab a ticket or two before they all go!


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