Canberra Cooking Circles – What A Great idea!


As Her Canberra and goodfood have already discovered – it’s such a simple, but successful idea – gathering women together in a home, around a meal that is dear to the host’s heart.

New friendship’s are formed, passions and new ventures are shared, new tastes are discovered and the world becomes a little smaller as new cultures are explored through food.
Most recently, a bunch gathered in Juliet’s kitchen  with glasses of wine as she prepared foods from South Africa that everyone shared for lunch.
There were delicious boerewors with  a white maize pap and a tasty tomato and onion sauce.
But probably everyone’s favourite was the Melkert.
And next month it will be someone else’s kitchen and a different meal – which might be lead by the host, or their neighbour, mum  or friend.
Not too fancy, expensive or high pressure, just casual and easy.
But it works so well and everyone chips in to cover the cost of the meal.
There’s no obligation to host or attend, but by joining the Facebook group you can find out what’s happening.
Highly recommended for sharing food and cultures food with new friends.



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