Malaysian Chapter, Belconnen – a perfect meal for two!


Malaysian Chapter in Weedon Close Belconnen offers delicious food, great value, a cozy warm atmosphere and easy parking close to the door (great for Canberra winters).


It is open Monday to Saturday for dinner (Tuesday to Friday for lunch) and also offers Canbera Entertainment Book holders a 25% discount.

BYO wine is $3 per person.

There are many great choices (in fact I think you can’t go wrong). (The Malaysian Curry Fish is on my wishlist for next time too.)

However a perfect meal for two that includes two of the top picks but still leaves you feeling comfortable at the end of the meal is 1 serve Nonya Prawn and Pineapple Curry ($21.50) (generous with 9 prawns)…


…. 1 serve jasmine rice ($3)….

….1 serve Roti Canai with dahl (4.00) (ask for it to be warmed)


This is great value at $28.50 for two people ($21.75 with the 25% discount).


But perhaps best of all, is you leave feeling just right, having enjoyed a fabulous meal, in just the right amount, in a warm, cozy and welcoming spot. Something you could easily do often!

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