Taste of Bangladesh, Manuka – an excellent Chicken Biryani!


Just when you thought you’d had the very best at Taste of Bangladesh, something new makes it to the favourites list!!

Once you have the Chicken Biryani $15.50 it’s impossible to order just plain rice again.


And the Bhoona Beef $15 is tender and has a tasty sauce, good for a change but just misses the ‘favourites’.


Still on the favourites list though, is the Cheese and Spinach Naan $3.50. This is a must have, always.


Palak Panner $14 is popular with many and a good choice for variety.


2 mains dishes, a Biriyani and two naan are plenty for four people.

image image

With complimentary pappadoms and no corkage, the value is very hard to beat.

Add a warm and cozy setting, home style hospitality, close and free at night parking in the Medical Centre on Furneaux Street and there is no better spot for a winter night out.


Favourites to date:


Onion Bhaji


Fish Bengali

Dum Murgh

Chicken Biriyani

Palak Paneer


Eggplant Bhorta

A close second:

Bhoona Beef

Goat Curry

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