Snapper, by the Lake


Inspired by the Food Marshall’s post on Snapper, at the Southern Cross Club Canberra Yacht Club, by Lake Burley Griffin, it is certainly a unique and special spot.

IMG_1186 IMG_1188

Possibly it is the only place on the lake where you can have the benefits of taking your own picnic (like choosing your own spot, taking wine and drinks, nibbles, cake, keeping costs down, space for kids to run around) but also have the luxury of hot tasty fish and chips (around $12)….

IMG_1197 IMG_1189

…or a nice smoked chicken and avocado or Caesar salad ($10) ready to go …


Garden salad $6


….along with a manicured lawn, great view, and live music (Sat and Sun from 12).

IMG_1207 IMG_1215

Snapper does have tables, but these fill quickly and may not always be shady/sunny, so it pays to bring your own chairs as well as a back up.
They also sell alcohol, cakes and are open 8am-8pm every day!

It’s just such a treat to have the flexibility to buy or bring as much or as little as suits you on the day, every day of the week, for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Hard to beat as a great spot in the good weather, particularly for families.


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