Rama’s Fijian Indian Restaurant, Pearce


Rama’s Indian Fijian Restaurant at the Pearce Shops is immensely popular and busy.


Service is extremely friendly and efficient and there’s a real feeling of being welcomed and entertained.

Prices are probably more than average but this is balanced by no corkage BYO, and more reasonable rice and roti prices.

The food is also very good and serve sizes good for sharing between up to six people.

Entrees include the very delicious Roti parcel $9 each


Cooked pumpkin and coconut wrapped inside a

pan fried roti

and large Vegetable samosa 2 for $12


The mains that included a creamy spinach sauce win over the more tomato based sauces.

The standout dish is Lamb Saag


Cubes of lamb cooked with fresh spices, spinach and

coconut milk. $24.50

quickly followed by Palak Paneer $20


Home made cheese cooked in a smooth spinach sauce

The Curried Beans and Tomato $13 are a good value very tasty dish, good to add to a shared menu.


Sliced beans, chopped tomatoes and onions cooked

slowly at low temperature, with a hint of spices.

The Prawn Saabji $24.50


Prawns cooked with onion, garlic, tomato, spinach

and coconut milk, comes with six prawns and a tasty sauce.

The Aamm Chicken (Mango Chicken) $23


Boneless chicken pieces cooked with fresh spices and a

sweet mango sauce, while listed as a ‘speciality’ is not as good as the other dishes, but better than the

Madras Fish Curry $23.50


Boneless fillets of ling marinated in lemon juice, tumeric,

garlic and simmered in spices, in a tomato based sauce which is fairly hard textured fish in a very spicy sauce.

Pappadam 4 for $3 with yogurt and tamarind sauces


Roti $2.50 each

Rice $2.75 per person (unlimited)

IMG_1021 IMG_1026

Three dishes between four people is a good amount to share and stay comfortable.

If also ordering one entrée piece each (particularly the large samosa) then three between six may be enough especially with roti.

Suggested menu for six:

3x Pan fried roti with pumpkin and coconut (halved)

Lamb saag

Palak paneer

Curried beans and tomato

1 extra dish (e.g. the Potaotes and Peas Curry which comes highly recommended – Potatoes, pea, onion, tomato and fresh coriander cooked in a touch of spices $20 or try the Fijian Pork Curry $24 or the Goat Curry $23 )

3 roti

6 rice

$160 total approx. ($22 per person – no corkage required)

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