Sharing at Smoque, Woden


The new Woden Smoque, while specialising in a range of American styled burgers and salads also offers the option of all-meat dishes and a range of sides, which can be added to a sharing menu for variety.


Cornbread can also be ordered on its own.

The Mac n Cheese ($5.90 for the large serve), is good value, tasty and Moorish (but pretty rich and oily).

mac n cheese

The Carolina Pulled Pork $14.90 is also pretty oily. The pulled pork is probably better enjoyed in the Original Burger.


The Garden Salad, while not as interesting or tasty as the Texan Waldorf or Thanksgiving salads, is good value at $9.90 and excellent for adding more salad greens to a menu selection.


While it’s good to try a range of Smoque’s options, the best sharing menus are based on the gourmet burgers and a mix of feature salads/garden salad. The Vegie Burger $13.90 and Original Burger $11.90 are the best burger choices and the Texan Waldorf or Thanksgiving salad, both $16.90 are good combined with a Garden Salad $9.90 which is less rich.


Vegie Burger $13.90

One burger or salad can be shared between three to four people (just need a sharp knife) and the total number of salads and burgers can be the equivalent of three between four people, making the cost of the shared menu around $10 per person.

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