Holi celebrations in Canberra


Sharing in the recent Indian Australia Association of Canberra hosted Holi celebrations at Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park was a great opportunity to support the local Indian community, enjoy some colourful dress, dance, and dry colour ‘play’, henna painting and wonderful Indian foods.

IMG_5244IMG_2269IMG_5242 IMG_5240IMG_5241 IMG_5243IMG_5213

Particularly good were the goat and chicken biryani $8, palak paneer $8, samosa $2.50 and rashgulla and gulab jaman $2 from Taste of Bangladesh in Style Arcade Manuka.

IMG_5205 IMG_5211IMG_5207 IMG_5208 IMG_5212

Aso for sale were choley kulcha $5, pani puri $6 and papdi chaat $6

Enlighten Noodle Markets 2015


Canberra’s newest food festival, the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets are a very welcome addition to the annual Canberra Enlighten.

IMG_5063 IMG_5066

Running for the ten nights before Canberra Day on March 9 (in 2015) they are well worth including in a visit to the ‘must see’ Enlighten projections on some of Canberra’s significant buildings along the lakefront near Old Parliament House.

IMG_5036 IMG_5057

Don’t be discouraged by the reports of long lines, crowds and parking issues. Like other Canberra festivals with food, it just needs a few good strategies to overcome the challenges:

IMG_5038 IMG_5039

  1. Go with a group
  2. Park away from the main area and walk down to the lake.
  3. Grab a table and chairs close to the noodle markets (there are nice ones in front of Questacon from where you can also see some of the projections as it gets darkTake your own wine and glasses (not allowed into the actual noodle market stall area) as well as a few extra paper plates for sharing dishes. While one person minds the table and ‘tableware’, others in the group can head to the stalls, each bringing back a dish to share.
  4. IMG_5035 IMG_5042
  5. Lines move fairly quickly, even the long ones, but look for some that are shorter.
  6. Some excellent options (e.g. Thirst, Mork’s) have very short lines. (It’s also great to support these local Canberra eateries).

IMG_5037 IMG_5041

7. Try to avoid the very busiest times.

8. Time your dining to coincide with the projections starting on dusk, because they are an essential finale to any noodle market visit.

BBQ Pork buns from Let’s Do Yum Cha (5 for $10)


Vegetarian Dumplings from Let’s Do Yum Cha (5 for $10) (Good*)


Fried Pork and glass noodle salad with tamarind jam dressing from Thirst $12 (Good*)


Yellow Curry with Chicken,Potato and Rice Noodles also from Thirst ($12)


Boat noodle soup (dry version without the broth) from Morks $10


Pad Thai (probably from Spanthai for about $12)


Mango Chicken (also probably from Spanthai for about $12) (also Good)


 Enlighten projections

National Library



IMG_5053 IMG_5054 IMG_5055 IMG_5056

National Portrait Gallery (perhaps the very best)

IMG_5058 IMG_5059 IMG_5060 IMG_5061 IMG_5062

National Art Gallery

IMG_5065 IMG_5064

Old Parliament House

IMG_5067 IMG_5068




Canberra’s Multicultural Festival


The annual February multicultural festival in Canberra is wonderful. Representing the globe, families, communities and embassies come together for the weekend to share the passion and connection that they have for and with their heritage.

They showcase the foods they love….

IMG_4866 IMG_4867

Spanish Paella and Moroccan Pancakes

IMG_4886 IMG_4892

Sri Lankan Kothu Roti

IMG_4857 IMG_4881

Philippino Halo Halo

IMG_4877 IMG_4879

The ever popular Gozlemes

IMG_4875 IMG_4876


Bhutanese Momos, Beef Curry, Chilli Cheese and Saffron Rice

IMG_4863 IMG_4864

Tibetan Momos

IMG_4873 IMG_4865

Italian Gingerbread and Nougat

IMG_4885 IMG_4887

Mongolian Dumpling and Croatian Kransky roll

IMG_4894 IMG_4880

Greek Loukoumathes

IMG_4852 IMG_4854

Foods from the Greek Glendi

IMG_4853 IMG_4855 IMG_4849

Their dance and music….

IMG_4897 IMG_4901  IMG_4895 IMG_4890 IMG_4899 IMG_4850 IMG_4848  IMG_4846

But it’s also a highlight to see communities working together, producing and selling signatures snacks and wishes from their country….

IMG_4878 IMG_4874 IMG_4871 IMG_4861

IMG_4888 IMG_4904 IMG_4889 IMG_4903

…..and the global mix through those enjoying everything the festival offers….together.

IMG_4858 IMG_4856 IMG_4883 IMG_4882 IMG_4891 IMG_4902

Yes, it gets busy and you might have to  wait in line, but there are still plenty of good spot sot get a view of the stage and the lines aren’t so long (especially if you go a bit early). And it’s a great opportunity to chat to those who around you either supporting the stalls and events or waiting in line too. Their pride and love for their country is inspiring.

See, taste and chat about foods and cultures from around the world without leaving home and enjoy one of the great things about living in Canberra!

(Maybe, the ultimate strategy is to go with a few friends and task everyone with collecting a national food to bring back to share along with the back story gleaned while purchasing! Maximum taste and experience.)

Canberra Japanese Nara Candle Festival – a spring cultural festival with food


Canberra’s annual Japanese Nara Candle Festival is immensely popular and it’s great to join in with the enthusiasm.

The lakeside setting and high quality entertainment is ideal for an evening picnic with a Japanese flavour.

IMG_0019 IMG_0026

IMG_0035 IMG_0033

There are plenty of interesting new foods to explore with some great old favourites as well as lots of other exhibits to enjoy.

IMG_0022 IMG_0029


IMG_0024 IMG_0023

Red bean paste desserts  $6.50                                    Strawberry daifuku $6.50

It’s true that the great  support can mean some long queues for food, but here are ten useful tips to make the very best of this great opportunity.

1. Get a group together so you can work as a team to grab a great spot and gather great food to share and enjoy together.
2. Go early, before the official start time of 4:30.
3. Take your own picnic rug or chairs & table to set up in an ideal spot.
4. Drop off your group and props before parking. There’s good parking across Commonwealth Ave from the Albert Hall and you can walk under the road through the underpass).

IMG_0037 IMG_0036

5. Take a bottle of wine, glasses, platter & sharp knife for sharing and napkins.


6. Look out for the most popular foods (probably with the longest queues, as these are often the best).
The Takoyaki Octupus dumplings ($7 for 6), Yakisoda bread ($8 each), and Okonomiyaki – Savoury Pancake ($9 each),Strawberry Daifuku ($6.50 for 2) were all popular and excellent choices.




Yakisoba bread $8 (really very good)

IMG_0028 IMG_0027

Okonomiyaki – Savoury Pancake ($9 each) (bacon, onion, BBQ type sauce, Mayonnaise type sauce – delcious)


Green tea ice-cream $4 (quite strong flavour)


Assorted red bean paste desserts $6.50


Soba noodles $9

7.  But don’t overlook the old favourites like Sushi and Gyoza.


Sushi  $3.50 (very good)

8. Use the sharp knife the serve foods in hors d’oevre  size pieces so that everyone can taste and try everything.


9. Enjoy the entertainment (don’t miss the Narrabundah College dancers, they were great).
10. Have a wander around the exhibits.

IMG_0042 IMG_0043

IMG_0044 IMG_0045

IMG_0046 IMG_0041

Diwali in Canberra – another spring festival with food!



Diwali, the festival of lights held each October/November is such a special time to be in India.
Lights are strung up across streets, traditional Indian sweets are everywhere, families visit and exchange gifts, new clothes are worn and there are plenty of fireworks!!
So it’s a great annual spring opportunity to join with the local Canberra Indian community to help capture a little of the excitement.
And what better way to share celebrations across cultures and engage in warm conversations, than through food.

At the Albert Hall last Sunday there was a full program that included a cooking competition, a concert of dance, fashion, music and a quiz and some enticing food stalls.

IMG_0008 IMG_0014

Samosas                                                                                  Marsala Dosa

Cooking competition


Burfi                                                                                             Rasa malai


Carrot Halwa                                                             Vegetarian biryani

Double ka Meetha Dessert

Beautifully dressed families enjoyed the fair like atmosphere and the joy of celebrating their shared heritage together. It’s a pleasure to be included and to experience a little of India right on our door step.

Food Stalls


Living Green Festival – another Canberra Spring Festival with food



As part of last Sunday’s Living Green Festival’s  focus on sustainable living, a great range of food stalls and a lovely garden picnic area is also included.

IMG_7535 IMG_7574

You can enjoy your delicious delights while listening to the live band in the heritage Albert Hall grounds and watching Canberra families having fun.


A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday spring afternoon.


Sweet Bones Bakery

IMG_7563 IMG_7560

Funky Pies                                                                     Malaysian Chapter


Sandeep’s Curries and Candles

IMG_7542 IMG_7539

Veganarchy                                             Pupusas (Cornmeal with  cheese and fried beans)


IMG_7526 IMG_7525

Addiction food