The Forage – A Canberra Spring Foodie Festival


The Forage last weekend, in it’s new home at Fairbairn, was another wonderful spring Canberra foodie festival opportunity. Coupled with the Hustle and Scout twilight fashion market, it’s a very lovely opportunity to taste and try, admire and enjoy.

IMG_0041_2 IMG_0042_2

IMG_0056_2 IMG_0055_2

IMG_0061_2 IMG_0060_2

Pulled Pork Roll $10                                                            Smoked Goat Pita $10

IMG_0059_2  IMG_0057_2

IMG_0058_2  IMG_0054_2


Mix and match muesli                                                       B St Bakery

IMG_0062_2 IMG_0045_2

Sweet Bones Bakery                                                            Poacher’s Pantry


IMG_0053_2 IMG_0052_2



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