Diwali in Canberra – another spring festival with food!



Diwali, the festival of lights held each October/November is such a special time to be in India.
Lights are strung up across streets, traditional Indian sweets are everywhere, families visit and exchange gifts, new clothes are worn and there are plenty of fireworks!!
So it’s a great annual spring opportunity to join with the local Canberra Indian community to help capture a little of the excitement.
And what better way to share celebrations across cultures and engage in warm conversations, than through food.

At the Albert Hall last Sunday there was a full program that included a cooking competition, a concert of dance, fashion, music and a quiz and some enticing food stalls.

IMG_0008 IMG_0014

Samosas                                                                                  Marsala Dosa

Cooking competition


Burfi                                                                                             Rasa malai


Carrot Halwa                                                             Vegetarian biryani

Double ka Meetha Dessert

Beautifully dressed families enjoyed the fair like atmosphere and the joy of celebrating their shared heritage together. It’s a pleasure to be included and to experience a little of India right on our door step.

Food Stalls


2 thoughts on “Diwali in Canberra – another spring festival with food!

  1. Marika simpson

    It’s great that we can enjoy this festival in Canberra with our Indian community. I’m celebrating it in Jaisalmer, north west Rajasthan, at the moment and we are surrounded by people dressed in all their finery, lots of happy and excited children, a variety of festive foods ,
    and fireworks which may well go off all night!


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