The Goods Shed, Wodonga


The Goods Shed in Wodonga NSW started life about 150 years ago as a railway shed.

It’s now a good spot on a Sunday night for a casual meal.

It’s a big shed, can be a bit cold in the winter and noisey, but if you grab yourself a booth or a couch and wear your coat it offers a laid back setting and service that is friendly and flexible.

Sharing the

Click to access Goods-Shed-Menu-010716.pdf



$26  …

and a side of
Steamed Asian Greens, Oyster Sauce, Sweet Soy, Fried Garlic………$7

… good with wine by the glass.

A nice way to finish is with wonderful Gundowring icecream….

Salted Caramel &  Honey & Walnut Ice Cream.

I searched out a nearby supplier of Gundowring icecream at Danes Fruit and Veg and can say that the licorice flavour is excellent!

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