Why go to Tamil Nadu in July?


Why go in July?

It’s Mango season ( May to mid July, or longer).

IMG_5497 IMG_4918

Upgrades are more frequent.

You might have the pool or even the whole hotel to yourself.

IMG_5484 IMG_7874

People have lots of time to look after you well and help you.


It’s cold in Canberra.


Low season tariffs are great.

It’s hot, but not too hot, and the rain hasn’t started. Much of Tamil Nadu gets the North east monsoon which starts in mid September to October and lasts until December. But it is a good idea to try to stay where there’s a pool.


Hill stations are only about 20 degrees Celsius at this time, but the rain starts earlier in the hills, in July.


Even so it is intermittent and can often be lovely to watch from a balcony while sipping locally grown tea or coffee.

IMG_5160-0 IMG_5188-0

Washing dries easily ( except maybe in the hills), so you don’t need to take much luggage. Just wash and wear.

Tip: Avoid the Indian school holidays as it gets busier then.

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