Why go to to South India?


Why go to  South India?


People are friendly and helpful – everyone wants to meet you, help you and feed you.



South Indian food is great! It really is! And inexpensive.


Every meal, snack and cup of chai or South Indian coffee is an event to be enjoyed and savoured.


A good thali lunch is only $3 and a good dinner with a beer only costs about $6-7.

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You can eat well for $10 a day.

It’s relaxed and easy going.


There are such great places to stay.

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Old-fashioned gracious hospitality comes naturally and guests are spoilt.

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There’s lots to see and plenty of fun that’s inexpensive or free.

image image

It’s warm!

It’s kind of nice to be called ‘madam’, or ‘madame’ in Pondicherry, for a while.



Go looking for all the great and special things, not for things that may not be like home…

Expect people to want to help you, know what you want and ask for it clearly, but stay lovely, and be prepared that it may be ‘not possible’ or that you might need to ask a few more people…..

Expect the best of people but also stay safe and keep your belongings safe…use common sense and think ahead…

Try to get a local mobile/cell phone ( a basic Samsung with phone and text facilities costS $25 from Poorvika). However, security is tight. You need two passport photos, your passport, a local address ( try the hotel where you are staying) and a phone number that you can be reached on to verify your identity ( again try the hotel where you’re staying). It will take at least 24 hours to get a pre paid SIM organised and activated so is best done as soon as you arrive. If you can find someone to help you it makes it so much easier.

Sounds like a lot of trouble but it’s truly worth it. You can then use the many call taxis easily and cheaply. You can also check and confirm arrangements.



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