Taste of Bangladesh – another menu for five to six people


Taste of Bangladesh and India is one of Canberra’s best casual  dining spots and great place to head with a few friends for a weeknight catch-up.

Start with the pappadoms ($2 for 4, but often complimentary) and a glass of BYO wine (free corkage).

Three dishes is just about the right amount to order for 5-6 people with modest appetites.


Palak paneer $14, Eggplant Marsala $14, Goat Curry $16, two serves rice, three serves naan cut in half.


The Goat curry $16 has an excellent flavour and the meat very tender. However, being on the bone, it can be a little harder to share in a group (but still doable).


The Palak paneer $14 is very good too


…as is the Eggplant Marsala $14 ( but it is similar to the excellent Fish Bengali dish, so be careful not to double up on flavours)…



2 serves rice is enough for 5-6 people

Naans are delicious and huge (half each is plenty for one person)…


If you still have room for something sweet, the mango lassi $3.50 is delicious.


And a mix of Gulab Jaman ($4.50 for two whole pieces, but also 3 for $6, halve them to share) and mango kulfi $4.50 for about 6-7 pieces, makes a great group dessert.


The coffee is not as good, being instant, but try the marsala chai instead.

While you can’t leave disappointed because every dish is a winner, the Dum Murgh ( chicken) and Fish Bengali are two dishes that are very hard to top.

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