Canberra’s Vaisakhi Mela, Commonwealth Park – another Indian community festival with great food


One of the great things about living in Canberra are all the different community festivals offering tastes from around the world that are celebrated on our doorstep.


Last Sunday the local Punjabi community came together for their first Vaisakhi Mela at Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park for music, dancing and great food ….

IMG_5667 IMG_5666

… Samosas $5…


..Rasmalai $5….


…Jalebi $5…


And lovely hot Marsala Chai $2



A number of food outlets catered for the event including the Café Tandoor from Scullin that offered some delicious dishes like Choley and Bhaturey $5….


and Butter Paneer (with Rice $8)..


Definitely worth trying out more of Café Tandoor’s dishes in at their home in Scullin. They are also starting catering services and offering some great options at very reasonable prices.

Cafe Tandoor on Urbanspoon

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