Yarralumla Halal Pide House, Yarralumla – a great large group idea for an Anzac Day lunch


Ordering Turkish Banquets is an excellent idea for catering for a large group at home.

Adding a few extra touches and re-plating can give the meal a whole new look.

A Turkish lunch is particularly wonderful on Anzac Day to remember the special relationship between Turkey and Australia in the Great War. It’s a great way to get family or friends together after the formalities and share what is such an important time for so many.

Add a few special ANZAC traditions like vegemite on Turkish bread, a Gunfire breakfast (coffee with a shot of Bundaberg rum or condensed milk (whatever was available at the time)),Two Up, and of course ANZAC biscuits!

(Cinnamon Scrolls has a recipe for Anzac Biscuit Sandwiches with Coconut Butter Cream which sound very luxurious if you’re looking for something extraordinary to make dessert particularly special!)

IMG_4689 IMG_4690

There are several spots in Canberra to order from including the Yarralumla Turkish Halal Pide House who deliver free of charge within 15km – outside of that area a $25 surcharge applies.

Probably a good idea to give a minimum of 1 day’s notice if you will be ordering quite a number of banquets.

Yarralumla offers particularly nicely presented salads as well as the usual options included in most Turkish banquets.

Only order what you need. One banquet per three people may well be enough if you are adding your own dessert, extra vegetable crudités for the dips and perhaps adding a few extra garnishing ingredients to the salad.

Often the basic banquet is the best and most versatile.

For example, the Yarralumla Halal Pidehouse Banquet includes:

A selection of dips, pide bread , kabak, falafel, salad, rice, lamb skewers, chicken skewers and mixed pide – $40.00 for 2 banquets then $20.00 per extra banquet.

Cold starters:

Dips Humus • Beetroot • Carrot • Eggplant • Cucumber

with some extra Vine leaves stuffed with rice, onion, tomato and olive oil $1 each added for variety


…re-plated with torn turkish bread


Warm entrees:

Kabak Mucveri Fried zucchini puffs with yoghurt sauce

Falafel Deep fried chickpea patties with tahini sauce 6 per serve

with some extra Börek – Fetta cheese and spinach pastry rolls ordered and added


…re-plated with the garlic dip and tahini dip


Chicken and Lamb Skewers


…cut in half with kitchen scissors and re-plated..


Mixed Pide

IMG_5640 IMG_5647

…cut up with kitchen scissors and re-plated..




Salad re-plated with extra olives and nuts to garnish






Sliced meat..as it arrives and re-plated

IMG_5649 IMG_5653

extra Turkish bread and some roast vegetables


Yarralumla Turkish Halal Pide House on Urbanspoon



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