Harmony Week lunch, great idea for sharing food at work


There are lots of opportunities to create food sharing events at work and Harmony Week is one of the best. It’s well supported by the Taste of Harmony website where you can download ideas, flags and labels as wells quizzes and other resources to enrich your event.

A pot luck lunch where everyone brings a food to share from a particular national cuisine (possibly reflecting your heritage), is easy to organise and lots of fun. Those who are short of time can whip up quickly to the local food court or take-away.

IMG_5129 IMG_5123


Mekong Riverweed crisps (Laos)   Turkish bread and dips (Turkey)

IMG_5128 IMG_5121

Cornbread (USA)                           Sushi (Japan)

IMG_5120 IMG_5139


Dutch custard cake (Netherlands)                Upside down pineapple cakes (Australia)

IMG_5141 IMG_5119

Spicy meatballs and dip (Italy)   Knodel dumplings (Germany)

IMG_5124 IMG_5135

Fresh spring rolls (Vietnam)       Bacon buns (Lithuania)

IMG_5126 IMG_5136

Vegemite and cheese scrolls (Australia)     Cardamon Kulfi (India)

IMG_5143 IMG_5122


Oreo truffles (USA)

Also a great opportunity to dress for the occasion if you happen to have an appropriate outfit from your heritage or travels.

IMG_5155 IMG_5154

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