Water Festival in Siem Reap, Cambodia


The annual Water Festival (October/November) is a great time to visit Cambodia.


While it makes it busier on the streets, it is so lovely to see everyone so excited and enjoying simple pleasures like picnic dinners.



The build up is also good as people prepare for the festival, practising for boat races, visiting fairs and eating at the many food stalls set up for the occasion.


Even in small towns like Banteay Chhmar it’s lots of fun, but for the full experience head somewhere bigger like Siem Reap where lots of the action happens along the river.

Local restaurants and hotels set up outdoor kitchens selling everything form stir fries to BBQ.



IMG_1327_2 IMG_1326_2 IMG_1325_2 IMG_1322_2 IMG_1323_2 IMG_1324_2

Food stall Somadevi



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