Banteay Chhmar Temple



Banteay Chhmar Temple is not worth a special visit in its own right (when there are so many amazing temples close together in Siem Reap), but it is well worth including as an activity if visiting Banteay Chhmar for the community based tourism home stay program.



Like everything in Banteay Chhmar, it’s a chance to do the ‘local thing’ and unlike the Siem Reap temples, Banteay Chhmar Temple is peaceful and quiet, in think lush vegetation with few other tourists. You will need a guide to show you around but visits can be arranged and for around $6-$10 US depending on the size of your group.


You can have a picnic dinner or lunch at the temple. (The one shown above is a very expensive option, but there are other more casual, inexpensive options through the home stay program.)

The best times for picnics are December to May when it’s dry and insects are not a problem.







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