Pork Barrel Cafe, Old Parliament House, Canberra


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The Pork Barrel Cafe is set in the lovely surrounds of Old Parliament House. It has cozy indoor seating next to large sunny windows with a great view of the rose bushes but it’s nicer to sit outside under the leafy trees if the weather is good.

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Pizza is the specialty ($16-37), there’s a Greek salad for $14.50 or garden salad for $10.50, hummus with roasted olives and house made bread for $12.50 and a range of daily specials for $18-22 such as homemade pies with accompaniments, a more detailed salad, battered fish with chips and salad or an omelette with salad.

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There’s space in the weekend menu for some gourmet sandwiches/wraps/foccacias for around $15 that are a missing option. (However, it looks like these are available weekdays).

Not BYO but wine starts at $6.50 per glass, making Pork Barrel a good spot for a glass of wine and the hummus and olives with bread or a small pizza to share between two on a summer evening.

Open seven days 8-3 and late on Thursdays and Fridays from 5pm when there are also good two for one pizza specials.

25% discount offered to Canberra Entertainment Book holders.

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