Sharing a Platter at Palace Cinema, New Acton


If you have early evening tickets to a movie at the Palace Cinemas in New Acton, Canberra it’s worth thinking about arriving early to share a platter and wine in the attractive bar area.

There’s no problem with taking it into the theatre if the movie starts, but it’s better to leave enough time to savour the flavours and enjoy the delicacies while you can see them.

IMG_7794 IMG_7790
It can be tricky to balance the board on your knees and fumble in the dark for a caper to go on your smoked salmon.

Aperitivo Board $20 – Tasmanian smoked salmon, artisan cheese, cornichons, spiced hommus, fire-roasted capsicum, turkish bread (and water crackers).
Wine starts at $9 a glass.

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