Opportunistic foodie travel experiences everywhere


Some foodie travel experiences are more obvious – restaurants, cooking lessons and food tours.
But don’t miss other windows of opportunity that can be equally rewarding and easy if you are looking out for them.
They can come at any time and are often free and flexible. A great idea for a break in the itinerary or for a rainy day.
You often come across more opportunistic experiences if you know a bit about what you’re looking for. A resource like The Penguin Food Guide to India is a great tool for developing a ‘short list’ of regional dishes and foods that you can highlight and flag in the handy electronic version, great for your phone.
Then just keep an eye out for those more surprising opportunities to ‘taste’ through the list including…..

In-flight meals..

IMG_0006 20140820-070531.jpg

Baked Besan (chickpea flour cakes) with mango chutney
Cottage cheese ( Paneer) and fig dumplings, with Dahl and rice, pappadoms, curd and pickle
Milk dumplings in sweetened milk and coconut ( Raismailer?)
Masala Chai
Kulcha bread

Breakfasts…often include regional dishes and buffets mean you can try a little of many different flavours. Don’t be limited…. if there’s sweets to try, or chaat snacks…why not!

IMG_0013 IMG_0016 IMG_0014 IMG_0002

Thalis….lots of small dishes and accompaniments

Watching your guesthouse meal being prepared

Supermarkets…especially good for learning more about the ingredients in a food or to buy some to try (terrific for gifts to take home too)

IMG_0010 IMG_0007
Chattting to locals about their meal…(everyone loves talking about food)

Local food markets

IMG_0015 IMG_0007_2
Local food magazines

Popular snack bars on the street or in stations (look for busy spots where the food is quickly prepared and sold)

IMG_0018 IMG_0020 IMG_0019 IMG_0004_2
On the train

IMG_3855 IMG_3847

Food shops….



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