Tulip Top Gardens, Federal Highway, Canberra


Tulip Top Gardens is an amazing spot for a special picnic with friends or family!! Located on the federal highway (turn left when you see the sign just after the Macs’s Reef Road turn off), it’s like Floriade without the crowds.

IMG_7685 IMG_7684 IMG_7678 IMG_7674
Only open for one month in Spring, your admission price of $14 ($12 for larger groups) includes tea or coffee, a sausage in bread and dutch pancakes.

IMG_7594 IMG_7641
But a much better idea is to pack a gourmet picnic to enjoy in these perfect surroundings, with background classical music to match the ambiance.

IMG_7614  IMG_7592 IMG_7589 IMG_7587 IMG_7586 IMG_7582
And why stop there…for a truly special occasion, there is nothing more perfect than a full high tea amongst these gorgeous blooms.
Call ahead to ask if Tulips will set up table and chairs.


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