Mishri Lal Hotel, Jodhpur – great fun for Makhaniya Lassi and Mawa Kachori


Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 06 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 05

Another absolutely essential snack stop spot in Jodphur is the Mishri Lal Hotel, easy to find at the southern gate entrance of Sardar Market (with the clock tower in the middle).

IMG_0003 IMG_0009

It is immensely popular with locals, particularly for it’s rich delicious  Makaniya lassi (about 50 cents) made from saffron, yogurt and whipped butter cream, but equally friendly and helpful to tourists.

Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 02 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 04

It is also a good spot to try another famous Jodhpur snack Mawa Kachori as well as Pede and Rabdi (a dessert made from milk curds, cardamon and sugar that reminded me of cheesecake).

photo 2 photo 1

Menu                                                                                       Mawa Kachori – whole

Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 03Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 09

Mawa Kachori – stuffed with crushed nuts and cinnamon                      Pede

Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 12 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 11



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