Gol Gappa (Delhi Street Snack)


I love this post from Sanjana who shares a love of fine eating and India. What a lovely thought, to be able to recreate Pani Puri!

The Alasi Chef

Happy Belated Father’s Day and a Happy Birthday (10/9) to my DH Sudhir. This post is dedicated to him. He’s a bit shy so asked not to reveal too much about him so I will try to keep it short and simple.

Let me start with a little bit about my DH. He is a typical Delhite..you know with his crude sense of humour and very loud vocals. Thankfully he doesn’t dress like one especially in winter. What I mean to say is that Delhi happens to have a a very unique winter look. Everywhere you turn you see men and I mean lots of men, young and old wearing sleeveless jumpers. They are seen in all different colors and fabrics worn over kurta pyjamas, business shirts, t-shirts, tailored pants and jeans. My favourite ensemble happens to be the chequered/stripey shirt under a sleeveless shimmery acrylic jumper..saksyyy!

IMG_2490.JPGImage courtesy –

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