‘A Bite to Eat’ Chifley, Canberra, good options for sharing


A Bite to Eat is one of my favourite southside lunch spots. I’ve also heard it’s good for breakfast and dinner.
Serves are generous and ideal for sharing dishes.
The decor is relaxed and casual with an eclectic collection of chairs and crockery.
It’s always full of people enjoying each other’s company, so it pays to book.
Service is friendly and the menu offers interesting options.


The Malabar – an Indian style pilaf with mixed veggies, coconut curry and beetroot raita $17.50 is visually beautiful and I’m told, also delicious.
One serve can be easily shared by two people.


Chiquita – mini slow smoked pork burrito serve with herbed tomato salsa had some very flavoursome pork and was one of my favourites. $13.50
It’s serve size was not mini at all, but possibly not quite enough for two.


The Mario – beef meat ball open sammich with boccocini, torn basil, olive and tomato sauce $14.50, is also a good choice, well complimented by the olives. This was also especially good.
One serve was enough for two medium appetites.


Holy, smoked mackerel cake  with a dijon caper dressing, served with leaves, tomato salsa and a boiled egg $14

The Holy was good, especially the dill and caper dressing. $14.


Hit the Beet – Crisp rosemary and barley cakes serve with beetroot fetta salad and artichoke relish $17

Hit the Beet had a particularly nice relish. $17.

The soup of the day came in a large bowl with plenty of bread and again, is a dish that could be shared.







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