Gypsy Dining Rooms – Best Thali spot in Jodhpur, Rajasthan


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Gypsy Dining Rooms, is my top pick in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for a great traditional Rajasthani thali (a range of interesting flavours served on a large tray/plate). Waistcoated waiters buzz around refilling all the thali components, each assigned different dishes to deliver to eager diners.

Clearly it’s a very popular spot with locals.

Dishes and accompaniments included: yogurt and chickpea curry, dal bati churma, desert vegetable from the kesari tree, paneer, dal, paratha, millet roti, chapati, spinach dish, zucchini dish, special bread from Gujarat, sweets, chutneys.

Not just a great opportunity to try a wide range of traditional vegetarian foods, but a whole dining experience to more than rival the famous Maharaja Rajasthani Thali at LMB Restaurant  in Jaipur. Highly recommended.

Mishri Lal Hotel, Jodhpur – great fun for Makhaniya Lassi and Mawa Kachori


Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 06 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 05

Another absolutely essential snack stop spot in Jodphur is the Mishri Lal Hotel, easy to find at the southern gate entrance of Sardar Market (with the clock tower in the middle).

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It is immensely popular with locals, particularly for it’s rich delicious  Makaniya lassi (about 50 cents) made from saffron, yogurt and whipped butter cream, but equally friendly and helpful to tourists.

Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 02 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 04

It is also a good spot to try another famous Jodhpur snack Mawa Kachori as well as Pede and Rabdi (a dessert made from milk curds, cardamon and sugar that reminded me of cheesecake).

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Menu                                                                                       Mawa Kachori – whole

Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 03Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 09

Mawa Kachori – stuffed with crushed nuts and cinnamon                      Pede

Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 12 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 11



Warm hospitality and exceptional value at Castle View Home Stay – Jodhpur, Rajasthan


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Castle View Home Stay in Jodhpur is a family home that has been converted into a guesthouse, by host Amit, and it has a hard to beat roof top restaurant view over the blue city against the backdrop of Fort Mehrangarh.

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Located in the old city, it is away from the busiest and most touristy clock tower area but within easy walking distance of Padamsar and Radisar lakes, amazing views from Elephanta Hill, interesting narrow lane ways and the Victory Gate entrance to the fort.

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There is a good feeling of being ‘part’ of local life, much of due to Amit’s knowledgeable but relaxed, thoughtful hospitality.

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Amit is also great for guidance on local foods, the best local places to eat (and where to be cautious of)  and how to see the best of Jodhpur. He can also organise great value tours for his guests, including a trip to surrounding villages.  IMG_0013 IMG_0001

But most of all, Amit takes great care of his guests.

Rooms have air conditioning, free wifi and ensuites. At around $AUS 20 per double, the price for this exceptional hospitality  and experience is hard to believe.

Jhankar Choti Haveli Restaurant, Jodhpur- great value food with a fantastic view


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Close to Raas Haveli Hotel and the clock tower, Jhankar Choti Haveli Restaurant also offers an amazing sunset view of Fort Mehrangarh and good vegetarian Indian dishes (and western food) at a great value price (around $AUS 5 for a Special Thali).


The view rivals that of Indique Restaurant, at about half the price and staff are lovely.

Raas Haveli Hotel – Jodhpur, Rajathan



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Set in a restored Haveli, Raas is stylish and classy, with a lovely view of the fort and offers good low season discounts (about $AUS 195 for a luxury room (not much more than the Garden room and worth the extra) if you book for three nights).



Located near the centre of town (clock tower) it is also close to lots of less expensive good eating spots like Jhankar Choti Haveli, Priya Restaurant (for thalis) and Indique and snack options like the Omelette Shop, Mishrilal Hotel, Shahi Samosa and Janta Sweet Home.


Staff are very professional and friendly and bring small fruit ‘slushies’ to guests at the pool side.

Raas has lovely garden and seating settings and the hotel shop has gorgeous textiles and  Love Travel guides.

The downside to know about is the early morning e.g. 4:45am call to prayer from the mosque next door.

But otherwise Raas is very lovely, though maybe a bit too lovely. It can feel a world away from the real Jodhpur outside the front gate.

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Breakfast in season time is buffet style and served in the Badari Cafe beside the pool.

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In the low season, breakfast is a la carte (both Western and Indian options) and may also be served in the Darikhana restaurant.

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IMG_0051IMG_0046 IMG_0045       IMG_0052


IMG_0056 IMG_0057 IMG_0058

The Duplex suite is on a higher floor than the Luxury room with two terraces/bathroom areas and a separate sitting area!

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Indique Restaurant – Jodhpur, Rajasthan


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Lal Maans & Naan

Indique is Lonely Planet’s top pick for eating in Jodhpur, and sunset here is just gorgeous. It does have an amazing view of both Fort Mehrangarh and back to Umaid Bhawan Palace. Even the street scenes below are fascinating.

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Set in a lovely 150 year old haveli offering heritage accommodation, it is close to the clock tower and easy to find.

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Dishes are a bit pricier than some other good spots, at around $AUS 7-8 for mains, but worth it for the setting, ambiance and style.

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It gets busy, so it pays to go early.


Good Eating around Sardar Market (the Clock Tower), Jodhpur


Sardar market, around the clock tower in Jodhpur, is always buzzing with colour and activity.

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And there’ s plenty of good spots close buy for snacks and meals.

IMG_0010 IMG_0003Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 05 Omelette Shop & Mishrilal Hotel - 06

Near the Nothern Gate – Omelette Shop, Mishrilal Hotel, Indique Restaurant

There’s also Spice Paradise, offering spices and cooking classes, up the road from the Northern Gate.

But it’s also pretty hectic in this part of town. I don’t think I’d ever been warned so much before about hard sell and scams as when I arrived in Jodhpur.

Outside the Southern Gate there is also Shahi Snacks, good for samosas and mirchi bada.



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Down the road from the Southern Gate is Priya Restaurant, good for Thali (fresher at lunchtime than dinner (in the rainy season particularly) I’m told and Janta Sweet Home, good for Mawa Kachori  and other sweet delicacies.

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