Celebrating Eid in Kozhikode, Kerala –  Malabar Muslim Cuisine 


It was all happening down on the beach last night at the Eid Festival in Kozhikode, famous for it’s Malabar Muslim Cuisine.

It was also the perfect night to try the famous regional biriyani at the iconic Paragon Hotel served with delicious sides of date pickle, coconut chutney and curd based pachchadi, with the famous Malabar parotta.

We were well looked after and recommended the house specialty, a stir fried, spicy seafood dish with thick fresh coconut crescents ( mentioned in Charmaine O’Brien’s Penguin Food Guide to India). Together with a couple of sweet mint lime drinks came to just $10 AUS. Amazing!
But the night was not over as we called in to the Hangout and Ashim created a wonderful fresh Alfonso mango ice-cream for us!

We have to go back! And I’m having that mango icecream again!

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