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As a dietitian and nutritionist myself, I’ve always been impressed by the energy and inspiration of Kate Freeman, Managing Director of the Healthy Eating Hub in Canberra.

She has gathered together a team of dietitians and nutritionists to offer a private practice that specialises in both individual consultations and hands on workshops.


So I was very much looking forward to my invitation to the the Yogurt Bar experimental session to see the Healthy Eating Hub for myself. And very impressive it is. In its Franklin home, the Hub has a great group kitchen space to help clients bring the theory of healthy eating to life.


The one hour session covers the basics of creating satisfying, nourishing snacks and then gets hands on as participants create their own yogurt based snack to enjoy together.

Kate explained that the best snacks are nourishing and use foods from the five food groups in creative and interesting ways.

They need to be big enough to satisfy but to leave you feeling comfortable and hungry at the next meal. They can be a great way to manage your appetite and stay in the not too hungry, not too full hunger awareness zone, if combined with smaller meals.

They combine protein from foods like yogurt with fibre from fruit, vegetables, legumes or wholegrains and some good fats from nuts, seeds or avocado.

So, to make a great yogurt parfait:

Step 1: Choose your Yogurt
Kate loves Country Valley Natural Yogurt ( a little tart for me but then, I’m a real sweet tooth).

Step 2: Add your fresh fruits


Step 3: Sprinkle some dried fruits, nuts, seeds, whatever you enjoy!


Step 4: Add a little fun, a few chocolate chips

Kate also showed us her favourite yogurt topper made with honey, coconut oil for flavour, rolled oats and pepitas, toasted in the oven.

img_7672 img_7673img_7706

It all came together very beautifully. Yogurt parfait – a wonderful example of healthy food made lovely and easy!

It very much reminded me of the #mybrekkiebowl launch where everyone created their own breakfast cereal bowl, adding fruits, vegetables, nut butters, fruits, yogurts, seeds and nuts!

img_4346 img_4518

There’s so many possibilities to make healthy food delicious and interesting!
The Healthy Eating Hub also offer a Salad Bar experience! Now that would be great – how to make satisfying, fun and sustaining salads! Great for summer eating.
By the way, if you missed the Her Canberra Healthy Eating Hub’s great post on Six Reasons why you shouldn’t diet over Christmas it’s a great read. I’m all for eating smaller portions of what you enjoy and not missing out on social opportunities (or great food).

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