Exploring Melbourne CBD’s Top 100 Restaurants


Last month I was lucky enough to spend time in the Melbourne CBD. So I set about working through the restaurants on the 100 Top Australian Restaurants list.

While many visits were brief (one can only eat so much) I was impressed by how unpretentious these top eateries are. I was welcomed equally whether I was there for a meal with company or dining alone and dropping by for dessert. I was also surprised at how accessible the prices are, something for every budget.

This week I’ll be working through the list, but here’s a bit of a preview.

#15 Cumulus Inc.

My favourite for breakfast


#17 The Flower Drum

Not quite so accessible for the drop-in diner

img_3978-1 img_3971-1

#20 Supernormal

On my list to return – creating something special

img_3931-1 img_3970-1

#24 Movida

Must have the tapas

img_4051-1 img_4097-1

#30 Embla

Excellent for a drink


#34 Chin Chin

Fun dining


#65 The European



And my verdict for the top…

Maha ( not actually on the list, but absolutely should be).


And I need to add in  a great place to stay for this kind of project….

Hotel Grand Chancellor on Londsdale Street at only $103 a night.


Still on my dining Wishlist is Ginger Boy!


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