Trying South Indian String Hoppers (Idyappam) at home! 


Idyappam are very popular in South India and Sri Lanka (string hoppers) to mop up delicious curry gravies.

Earlier this year we learn the technique from Mary (Mary’s Kitchen) in Kochi Kerala, who, along with her husband Martin, serves amazing food, but also is a wonderful teacher.

In fact we learnt a whole host of fabulous recipes like Fish in Green Mango Curry, Chicken Korma and Aloo Gobi ( potato and cauliflower).

Mary taught us, but Martin hopped on his motorcycle and headed to the market to buy us the special press and steamer we needed.

Now back in Canberra, it was time to try it out on my own.

Mixing approximately equal parts of rice flour mixed with a little salt, and boiling water until I had a soft dough, I then added this to the press.

The thin noodles were steamed for a few minutes and while  I’m they are best made just before serving, there was no problem making them ahead of time and microwaving them to serve.

They were perfect served with some of the curries I’d learnt from Robin in Munnar, Kerala…..

And from Lishan at the Spice House in Marissa, Sri Lanka.

Lots of wonderful memories.

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