Kimchi – the first try at creating my own!


Having learnt the secrets of easy kimchi making from Evangeline, last week I was keen to practice!

After a trip to E Mart on University Avenue and Saigon Asian Grocers in Dickson, I had the special Korean chilli powder, salt and fish sauce that Evangeline had recommended.

Fyshwick markets supplied the rest, wombok, daikon radish, leek, spring onions, carrot, kiwi, apple, red onions, ginger and garlic!

I chopped and wilted the cabbage with the brine….

….julienned the other veg…

….processed the chilli sauce ingredients….

….and mixed!

Amazingly it all came together and tastes great!

Try David Chang from Momfuku’s recipe for Kim Chi in Gourmet Traveller

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